Mid-Week Mad Men: Last Links

I guess I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  We may be over a week away from the finale, but I’m still seeing links pop up on my twitter.  It is, after all, the end of an era!  So, as my last official Mad Men post, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite links.


[1] Image above via The Hollywood Reporter… technically a pre-finale publication, but totally worth reading after all is said and done.

[2] From, we hear from our favorite minor character: Meredith! I was so surprised at how much I loved her and I’ll really miss her! This article brings a little more closure for me.

[3] Here’s a reading list for those of us who miss Mad Men! This is especially useful for summer.

[4] Syracuse provides us with this excellent infographic taking us season through season.

[5] This one was out before the finale too, but it’s important! It’s all about the most memorable fashion from the series. Read: Joan’s fabulous red dress that makes her look like a present.

[6] If you do have any lingering questions about the finale, perhaps Matthew Weiner himself can clear some things up.

[7] And finally, BBC has a few thoughts on the finale for you as well!

I’m clearly not over Mad Men’s finale.  If you have any lingering thoughts, share them now!

What to Watch in March

If you’ve got a hole in your heart the size of Parks and Recreation and you need a new show to fill it, never fear!  March is upon us with some great TV options.

Maybe, like me, you’re still making your way through House of Cards season 3 which premiered on Netflix late last week, February 27th.  This was one of those rare weekends on which I actually had a life, so I didn’t get to binge much.

More exciting to me is tonight’s US premiere, season 2 of Broadchurch on BBC America.  Tennant on my TV, always.  If you haven’t fallen in love with this show yet, you can binge the 8 episode first season series (sorry, I forgot we’re dealing with British terminology!) on Netflix.  This is one of the shows I’m most excited for this year.  I’ve never watching week by week before, seeing as I missed it’s first series BBC America run.  I watched Gracepoint, the US version also starring David Tennant, that way, but Broadchurch is infinitely better.  I can’t wait!!

image: BBC America

image: BBC America

On a blog-relevant note: a new season of Hell’s Kitchen started last night!  Since I didn’t blog last season and I can’t seem to live without Gordon Ramsay in my life, you can expect Hell’s Kitchen posts starting tomorrow!

And finally, on the Netflix front, we have two new shows that I’m interested in.  The first is thanks to my idol, Tina Fey.  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s first season hits Netflix this Friday, March 6th!  I have been eager for this one since I first heard it existed and you can bet it’ll be my weekend binge.  Then there’s Bloodline, which we’ll have to wait until March 20th for its release on Netflix.  I admittedly don’t know much about this thriller-drama, but I do know that I miss Kyle Chandler from my Friday Night Lights binge.  I’ll be watching this one later in the month as well.

If you don’t think March has enough in store for you, remember that April is that much closer now.  April means Orphan Black, my most-anticipated return of 2015, and Game of Thrones, which is likely everyone else’s!

What shows are you most looking forward to?

Doctor Who: Guard the Graveyards

I think "Guard the Graveyards" would have been a better name for this episode, but I guess "Death in Heaven" sounds more like a finale.

I think “Guard the Graveyards” would have been a better name for this episode, but I guess “Death in Heaven” sounds more like a finale.

I’m always a little scared of finales– it means that something of great magnitude will happen and that I’ll have to wait a LONG time for my show to come back.  While the stakes were definitely high in this, the Doctor Who series 8 finale, and I cried sufficient tears, it was a relatively painless episode for me.  I did feel sad for Danny & Clara, even though you all know I hated this relationship.  Danny was the only real sad part of this episode, so I didn’t really care about his departure.  Clara’s is another thing altogether, as companions’ departures are so hard, but I know we’ll at least see her in the Christmas special before we have to say goodbye.

Let’s talk about the things I liked:

  • Kate Stewart & UNIT: It was so nice to see Kate & her team intervene when Cybermen had the city surrounded.  I was none too happy when she fell out of the plane, but I somehow knew they couldn’t kill Kate off!  Too bad about Sandy, though.  The storyline with Kate’s father was perfect.
  • President of Earth, CEO of the Human Race: This title cracked me up, but like, can they please stop saying “President of America?”  No American would ever say that.
  • Clara’s Doctor Knowledge: First off, I love what she said about she and the Doctor’s friendship to Cyberman Danny.  That’s why I’m a little horrified that she’s thinking of stopping their adventures.  (Side note: why would she not have the Doctor bring the little bracelet boy to the past?  She’s too good of a liar.)  Secondly, her Doctor knowledge during her rouse pretending she was him was great– children and grandchildren missing, presumed to be dead?  At least we’ve established that.
  • Idiot with a Box: I loved the Doctor’s realization that he is neither a good man, nor a bad man, simply an idiot, learning.  I feel like this is a larger statement.  Are we all just idiots learning?  I’m adopting this.
  • I’m literally so psyched about Gallifrey, but I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of the Master.  What do you think?


Guys, are we going to have Christmas on Gallifrey?!

What did you think of Doctor Who’s finale?

Questions, Comments, & Rants: Dark Water

I think Questions, Comments, & Rants might become a semi-regular thing.  For now, let’s dig into the first half of the Doctor Who series 8 finale, Dark Water.


My first question: What exactly was Clara doing when she called Danny?  What’s with all of these post-it notes with timey-whimey words and deep emotional outpourings?  There was definitely more going on here that we never got to find out about.  I’m hoping this is one question that will get answered in the next episode.

My big problem: Does anyone else think Clara was completely over-reacting when she THREW THE TARDIS KEYS IN A VOLCANO?  First of all, she didn’t even ask talk to the Doctor about Danny’s death first.  She didn’t float the idea by him or try any gentle approach or clever trick to get him to go back in time to save Danny.  Instead she threatened him in the most extreme way she could think of.  Did she think so little of their relationship that she assumed he wouldn’t want to help her?  Did she just want to die there on the side of a volcano rather than live without Danny?  Did she kind of think that the Doctor could get back into the Tardis without keys?  ‘Cause I kind of did.

And really, how could the Doctor forgive her for that?  Does he understand emotional pain so well?  If so, this is likely a recent development.  His plan doesn’t involve changing the past, but finding Danny in the present.  So really, Clara’s threatening was for nothing.

As for the Missy story, the big question-mark of the series (season, in a vernacular that I’m more familiar with): I think she and the netherworld plot came together nicely.  It actually panned out how I thought it would.  Missy has been transporting the near-death to a dimension of sorts where they live out their afterlife.  It is not a biblical hell or anything disruptive to an ethos.  My one sticking-point is: how long has she been doing this?  I suppose a Time Lord could go back and do it to as many people as he/she needs.  In Missy’s case, it’s been going on long enough to snag Steven Jobs and the kid Danny killed as a soldier.  Her revelation as a Time Lord was interesting, and I panicked for a second that I may have missed something.  Her revelation as the Master, re-genered, let’s say for now, is actually a little less confusing for me.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Aside from Cybermen being the most outdated-looking piece of technology since K-9, (whom I love, dearly,) they are sufficiently horrifying in the fact that they are shells of people you once knew, devoid of all the emotions that make us human.


So, lend me your thoughts on Dark Water!

Links for a New World [01]

Links for a New World is a feature in which I share a bunch of links to things around the web that are relevant to my interests.  It’s your weekend reading list!  The name comes from a musical… for no particular reason.


My pumpkin friend from last weekend's adventure!  Stay tuned for this post next week.

My pumpkin friend from last weekend’s adventure! Stay tuned for this post next week.

  • Who Said it: Chandler or Xander? – This Buzzfeed quiz is surprisingly difficult!  I don’t think there are two shows I’ve seen more times than Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends, and yet, I only got 11/15 of these correct on my first try.  How did you do?
  • The Carleton – I actually saw this clip on the news at work and nearly lost it.  I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, but I do love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!  I watched this whole dance and literally screeched when Alfonso busted out that move.
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Everything and the Kitchen Sink! – Grant Kirkhope made the excellent music for some of my favorite Nintendo 64 games including Goldeneye, Donkey Kong 64, and Banjo-Kazooie!  Here, he’s offering every song from the latter two basically for free.  You can name your price, download, and enjoy!
  • Daily Dachshund – We will likely not get away with any lists of links that do not include something dachshund-related.  My friend Julia sent me this link and I nearly lost it.  This pup knows how to relax!
  • 8-Bit Cinema’s Frozen – This is the first 8 Bit Cinema video I’ve seen, but I absolutely love the idea and will definitely be watching more.  Basically, this is what Frozen would look like if it were an old school video game.  The best part for me is the remixed music that pulls at the strings of my nostalgia!
  • Taylor Swift’s “Riptide” cover – Oh, T Swift, I can’t help but love you!  This cover of Vance Joy’s Riptide for BBC Radio 1 near brings tears to my eyes.  I would love to hear Taylor sing in the genre more often.
  • And finally, pumpkin! – Halloween is nearing, and if I had any outdoor space, I’d have a pumpkin bigger than that little baby in the bowl pictured.  If you want to be super creative when carving a big, orange, jack-o-lantern, try one of these pokémon silhouette patterns!  Seriously, someone try one.  I want to see!

Doctor Who: The Three Best Friends in Sherwood

Robot of Sherwood was a bit of an odd episode for me.  It was fun, but I had none of the Robin Hood vigor that Clara did.  Instead, I was reminded of countless other things… A Knight’s Tale, most significantly.  My feelings about the episode almost mirrored the Doctor’s about the situation.  He wanted to get to the bottom of the situation, and frankly so did I.  At the end of the episode, it came together for me.  Victory came thanks to teamwork shooting a golden arrow, so let’s talk about the three best friends in Sherwood.


Robin Hood

I found him quite silly at the beginning.  Visually, I thought his costume was over the top… kind of like the pumped up version of Robin from Batman Forever.  (I’m going to need to watch that immediately.)  Also, he looked a lot like Amy’s brother Peter from Everybody Loves Raymond.  I don’t know.  For some reason, I didn’t want to believe he was real either.  Perhaps my opinion of him was colored by the Doctor’s.  I do love how he beat the sheriff with the move the Doctor used to defeat him at the beginning of the episode.  And I do love his below quote.

“History is a burden.  Stories can make us fly.”


She’s perfection.  She’s smart as a whip, confident, and always outsmarting her enemies.  I loved Clara’s complete fangirl moments– she’s usually so composed, and she just couldn’t help but be so excited.  I love when she got to fight alongside Robin Hood: “This hero does not come alone,” he boasts, and she pops up with a “Hi-ya!”  The slide down a banner, and Robin asks if she’s okay to, “Oh hell yeah.”  Best of all, her response when the Doctor asked her, when did you start believing in impossible heroes?  


“Don’t you know?”

Now that was a moment that any Whovian girl can relate to.  Clara’s costume change for me conjured plenty of images, none of which were Robin Hood.  She looked to me more like an elf from Lord of the Rings.  The more I looked at her color palette– the green trim highlighted by Robin Hood’s greens– the more I thought she looked like a Christmas elf.

The Doctor

Capaldi, you’re doing a wonderful job.  The Doctor is obviously such a complex character.  He is very serious and very burdened, but on the surface he is pure whimsy and adventure.  To meld both sides can’t be an easy task.  Every new face we see on the Doctor brings us something new, but should recapture what is already there.  At this, Capaldi is winning.  Let’s see, the spoon v. sword fight and the beginning was delightful, and I was happy to see the Doctor win… even if Robin Hood got the last laugh.  The outright refusal to believe the situation was real without being cynical was good to the very end– the observational skills it took to recognize the wrong climate for the area and season was the first clue; the last ditch effort assume Robin himself was a robot, then immediately abandoning it being the cherry on top.  My favorite gag is was the blood analysis confirming said merry man would be dead in six months.  When this merry man comments that the sheriff wants to oppress them forevermore, the Doctor chimes in, or six months in your case.

So, fun.  I usually like light-hearted episodes, but meh.  It’s monster-of-the-week-y, which I also usually dig.  Next week, though, looks much more my speed!  Creepy and cryptic and sign me up!

Doctor Who Series 8: Old & New

Series 8 of Doctor Who started this weekend, and goodness do I have a lot of feelings about it! This of course marked Peter Capaldi’s official reign as the Doctor, and the first time we got to see Twelve in action. Like I said, I have a lot of feelings, but I’m going to try to keep this relatively brief with a little game of The New/The Old:


The New: The Face

Obviously, Peter Capaldi is the Doctor now. It’s been so long since I’d seen Matt Smith say goodbye that I had to watch his regeneration again to reorient myself. Clara clearly struggled with his new appearance. I’ve been through this twice now, and I could never be as sad as when David Tennant left, so I was ready. Yes, guys, this is an older face than we’ve seen— ever, for most young fans. I happen to really dig the silver fox look, and I’m happy to see them shake things up.


The Old: The Doctor Himself

It’s always interesting to see a new Doctor regeneration— it’s the same character, but always with a slightly different personality. It’s so hard to explain if you don’t understand this show. In this the first episode, Capaldi certainly played the Doctor Smith-like enough for us to definitely see that this is the man we left on the Tardis. It’s clear that Twelve will be darker, and more morally ambiguous, though. I’m definitely looking forward to this! It’s also clear that he’s still incredibly silly. That’s one of the first words that comes out of my mouth when I talk about this show. It’s got to be delightfully silly!


The New: The Tardis Interior

IMG_0652With a new face comes a new Tardis, and I happen to absolutely love this one! It’s a drastic change, but the white interior and the bookshelves are major wins for me.


The Old: Strax still hasn’t learned genders

We can all rest easy, for Strax can call her “Miss Clara” and then “my boy” without missing a beat. He’s such a funny character.


The New: Missy

Who the hell IS she? Why the hell is she calling the Doctor her boyfriend? (Yeah okay, I like his accent too, but what?) What connection does she have to the cyborgs? So many questions!


The Old: The companion

I forgot how much I like Jenna Coleman. She’s so lovely, and Clara’s sense of style is so, so good. Jenna delivered quite the performance in this episode. I loved the episode’s plot line and how fitting the title was. I loved seeing Clara’s struggle and her faith during her, by all accounts, abandonment. I loved her strength in the face of threats despite her humanity and fear showing through. Most of all, I loved that she knew the Doctor had her back and that when she reached back for him, he was there for her.

I’m thinking more now of Twelve as Clara’s Doctor. Though she was with Eleven already, it was basically have a season of episodes. I will always associate Amy with Eleven. I hope Clara will know Twelve the way Amy knew Eleven.


The New: The opening theme.

IMG_0651A new season means a new opening theme sequence! I usually hate this, to be completely honest, but this time I’m so happy about it. I LOVE this new title sequence with the gears and scrolls. It’s sleek and modern, and reminds me a bit of Alice and Wonderland. I love it!


The Old: Questions.

This is old territory for Whovians. I already talked about the Missy questions, and there are many. As for the big question of the episode’s isolated storyline: Did the Doctor push or did the cyborg jump? Will we ever know the answer to this one.

Interestingly, we are left with Eleven calling Clara in the future, while Twelve, his future self, looks on. Why is Twelve so scared? We still know so very little of what mysteries Series 8 will weave and unravel. All and all, I’m excited about everything.


What did you all think of Capaldi’s big debut?!