Project Runway: Finale part 1

I’ve already explained that I’m not one for finales, but I’ve watched this episode twice now and I can honestly say I can’t wait to see these designers’ runway shows and the judges’ reactions!

As I’d predicted desperately hoped, Tim Gunn uses his save to bring Edmond to the finale.  THANK GOODNESS.  These four– Edmond, Ashley, Kelly, and Candice– were really the standout designers of the show.  They deserve it.  Heidi mentions that they hope Ashley considers making a plus size collection, which was her plan, and Tim says they will support her with plus size models.  A first!  How cool!  The get 7 weeks and $9000 to cook up their 10 look collection.  For finale part 1, we have Tim visiting each of the designers at home.

First, Tim goes to see Ashley in San Diego.  She apparently lives at her sister’s house, where she has a pastel and lace-filled collection brewing.  She’s dyed all of the fabric herself and designed floral headpieces to be worn with each.  Tim then heads to her parents’ house with her, where he is charged with making tortillas.  Adorbs.

Tim then hits the beach in San Francisco to meet Candice, her mom, and her two kids– Perseus and Logan.  They go back to her studio where the cage for her final piece is sitting outside waiting.  Candice’s collection is an amalgamation of Asian inspirations and full of black and red leather.  Tim worries it could go full-tilt drag queen.

Next, it’s off to see Kelly in Springfield, MA… which, if you didn’t realize, isn’t actually Boston!  Seriously, she may as well be Kelly from Albany in that location.  I guess all of Massachusetts does feel very connector to our capital city.  Anyway, Tim previews Kelly’s studio 54 meet streetwear collection which is full of detail and so, so cool.  She has cool headphones to pair with some of her looks and has made fanny packs from scratch to go with each.  In love!  After dinner with Kelly’s dad, aunt, and cousin, Tim is off to Kelly’s deli where they’ve names a sandwich after him!  Tim gets the “Big Gunn Milanese” wrapped to go and he’s off!

To Atlanta, that is, to pop into Edmond Newton’s studio.  He has a lot of work to do still, but Tim steers him in the direction of the effortless looks and away from the architectural pieces.

Back in New York, the designers get to see each other and, for the first time, their collections.  Edmond’s stays in garment bags.  He says he’s busy with finishing 3 looks, but he’s not fooling anyone.  They know this game by now.

Of course, there’s a challenge!  Each designer must show 3 pieces, one of which is to be created right then and there.  They get to work on the additional work, and here’ what they show to the judges:

Top row: Candice, Kelly; Bottom row: Edmond, Ashley

Top row: Candice, Kelly; Bottom row: Edmond, Ashley

And after critique, they all have a lot of work to do.  I can’t wait to see part 2 of the finale tonight!  Who do you think will win?  Me?  I’m team fanny pack– go #designerKelly!

Binge-worthy: Hotwives of Orlando


I’m a big fan of Angela Kinsey from her days on The Office.  Though her character, Angela Martin, was never exactly the life of the party, I loved watching this little ray of sunshine play such a convincing unimpressed character.  I follow Angela on instagram, and that’s how I heard about The Hotwives of Orlando.

The Hotwives of Orlanda is a Hulu original series and a parody of Bravo’s The Real Housewives.  Its seven episodes (6 stories + 1 “reunion special) feel like a long-format SNL skit.  The show opens with: “Mario Lopez once said, Orlando is the most glamourous city in the world” which got an immediate laugh out of me.  This series was enjoyable to watch all the way through– funny, light-hearted, and on-point with attention to detail from the Bravo counterpart.

Oddly enough, this show kind of made me want to watch The Real Housewives… like I need another bad reality show to occupy my time!  To me, each character seemed to embody a different Housewives location.  Wikipedia breaks it down a little more:

Angela Kinsey plays Crystal Simmons, “the Religious Zealot.”  Crystal is a holy roller, who believes her husband is king.  She admits to never having read the bible, because her husband told her that women can’t interpret it as well as men.  She is based on The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Alexis Bellino and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Kyle Richards.  Though I’m unfamiliar with both of these Housewives, Crystal is my favorite.  I love this stereotype and find it very funny.  I also love Angela Kinsey just so much.

Kristen Schaal plays Amanda Simmons, “the drug-addicted former child star.”  Amanda is single, and a complete alcoholic mess.  She was in Florida Prune Juice commercials as a kid, and has not let this go.  She is based on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Kim Richards.  Again, I’m unfamiliar with her, but this is a familiar stereotype that works well in this format.  Think: Cinderella in the SNL spoof, Disney’s Real Housewives.  Kristen Schaal is another favorite of mine, as she gives voice to Louise, my favorite character in Bob’s Burgers.

Casey Wilson plays Tawny St. John, “the trophy wife.”  Tawny is a gold digger with a bad roots who has convinced herself her older husband is dying, and is blatantly screwing her fitness instructor, Heath (played by Joey McIntyre!).  She is based on RHOC’s Tamra Wilson and Gretchen Rossi, but really, every Housewife has a little Tawny in her.  From silly charity events to bad entrepreneurial ideas, Tawny seems to be what the Real Housewives as really like.

Danielle Schneider plays Shauna Maducci, “the bankrupt overspender.”  Danielle is a loud, overreacting, material girl.  She has 4 (or possibly 5) daughters with ridiculous names that we never see.  She is pure Real Housewives of New Jersey and is based on the infamous Theresa Giudice.  Her overspending has pushed the envelope so much that the family’s home is repossessed.  In the final episode, her husband Anthony is arrested for fraud.  This is the most familiar character to me, as I’ve actually watched some RHONJ.

Tymberlee Hill plays Phe Phe Reed, “the entrepreneur.”  Phe Phe (which is short of Phenomenon) is prone to speaking her mind and claiming– she’s just being Phe Phe!  She is a lawyer, a CPA, an ordained minister, an amateur taxidermist, and a music video producer to name a few!  She represents the Real Housewives of Atlanta, specifically Nene and Phaedra.  Even though I’ve never seen RHOA, I watch Bravo and recognized her name mash-up right away.

Andrea Savage plays Veronica Von Vandervon, “the cougar.”  Speaking with a pseudo-British accent, (which she explains in the reunion special, is how white people with money speak,) Veronica is an heiress to a mini-golf course in Orlando.  She makes overtly sexual jokes, then explains them to you in case you didn’t pick up on it. She was based on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Lisa Vanderpump and The Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan– I’m familiar with Sonja enough to see this and her name is a great play on the likes of Vanderpump.

Producer Paul Scheer makes a cameo at the end of every episode and hosts the “reunion special” as Matty Green, a perfect play on Bravo’s Andy Cohen.  This adds to the accuracy and authenticity of this parody, making it all the more hilarious.

If you’re looking for a fun, quick watch this summer, I highly recommend you check out The Hotwives of Orlando.  In a weird way, this show actually makes me want to watch the Bravo shows it parodies…

Has anyone heard if they’re doing another season?  I’m hooked!