5-Day Weekend Vlog

Hey guys!  I hope you all had lovely Thanksgiving holidays and got to enjoy some time off like I did.  I can’t believe it’s December already!  Even though it’s cold, and potentially very snowy here in New England, there’s a lot to look forward to in this magical season– more time off, spending time with family, and lots of delicious things to eat.  Stay tuned for that and more!

What are you guys looking forward to for December?!

Fierce, No Fear + Candace & Chloe

Happy Manicure Monday!  I couldn’t wait to try out all of my new Julep colors from my last Maven Box.  Today’s post features two of them, and there’s another on my instagram!



This is what I like to call Earth Sign Divine– perfect for a Capricorn like me!  I’m using my new favorite, Essie’s Fierce, No Fear.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doubling down on the accent colors and Candace and Chloe were just the opportunity I was waiting for!




My traditional accent nail is done in Candace, the sparkle golden brown.  My middle finger sports Chloe, a chocolatey shimmer.  Fierce, No Fear and Candace will be making frequent appearances as I’m especially in love with both of them!

Meanwhile, I keep getting coupons and discount codes from Julep, so I have tons of new colors to try out!  Keep checking my insta for these, and if you want in on the action, leave me a comment with your email address for three free colors!

Friday Favorites: Colorstrology



IMG_5565Despite all of the wonderful books I’ve been reading, my fun find of the summer has got to be Colorstrology.  This little coffee table book was the last in stock at my local Paper Source.  I picked it up innocently enough, but once I did, I couldn’t let it go.

The concept it simple.  It combines Pantone colors with astrology– really, just your birthday– to assign each day of the year a power color.  It gives you a little color horoscope– your color plus three adjectives, then a little paragraph.

My birthday is January 17th and my color is Tandori Spice [Pantone 18-1444].  That makes me dynamic, intricate, and colorful.  Today is actually my mom’s birthday– she’s Wedgewood [Pantone 18-3935], creative, youthful, and efficient!

I checked everyone whose birthday I could conjure up and found the ‘scopes super accurate!  Of course, that’s the game, isn’t it?  Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you’ve got to think they’re fun!

Why I ultimately decided I needed this book is two-fold.  Firstly, Pantone color swatches and books are typically very expensive.  To get a book of over 300 Pantone swatches for less than $20 seemed like a great steal!  I’m someone who’s interested in color theory, and Pantone is the authority on color!  Second, I’m a writer; a writer who focuses on character development in her fiction (though you’ll never see that here!  Insert see-no-evil monkey emoji.).  I spend a lot of time thinking about my characters’ birthdays and what that says about them.  I’m someone who’s interested in astrology, and have always taken zodiac signs into consideration for my characters as well.  This is just another layer, and I’m always interested in more aspects of my characters!

There is also a color assigned to each month.  I’ve included these here for you for fun!  What color are you?!