ANTM Cycle 21

ANTM Cycle 21: Finale

Guys, it’s time to wrap up this season!  The two part finale aired on Friday, and here’s what happened:

Tyra meets the final four at the top model house in Seoul to announce her make-up line.  Let’s be real, guys: this is the best Tyra’s looked all season.  Her hair’s done, her clothes aren’t crazy, and she just looks beautiful.

We learn that Tyra participated in a program at Harvard Business School, which is pretty impressive.  We also learn that all the cycle 21 contestants are in South Korea for commercials for Tyra’s make-up products– four former contestants hold a box with a product name inside.  Y’all know I like to make up words, says Tyra as she talks about her products.  Me too, girl.  Me too.

Adam, the last challenge’s winner, gets to pick his box-holding teammate for the photo shoot first.  He picks Kari, who’s looking quite lovely.  Keith picks Mirjana, because she’s annoying but pretty.  Will picks Ivy.  Lenox picks Ben.  There’s another round of picking box-less folks in which Adam grabs Denzel, Keith takes Shei, Will takes Raelia, and Lenox takes Matthew.  Chantelle is on Adam’s team by default.

The commercials look super cool, and my favorite former contestant Allison Harvard is there to help!  She tells them about her life as a working model in the Philippines.  Allison is gorgeous, but she’s also a brilliant artist.  I’m so happy to see her.

Lenox really seems to kill her commercial.  She does so well that Tyra lets out a, Work, bitch!  Can I get that moment on an infinite loop, please?  Perfection.

The last photo shoot of the season is for Guess and shot by Yu Tsai.  I love Guess and the styling is utter perfection.  Tyra interrupts the shoot with Kelly and Miss J saying they’ve been watching the whole time and someone is getting eliminated right now.  Here are the best shots:

IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1074 IMG_1077

Only three will continue on to the Lie Sang Bong fashion show.  Adam is called first.  Will is called next.  Keith is the last model selected to walk the final runway.  I’m pretty devastated.  I think Lenox is so amazing!  So three guys walk it out in the end.

I’m a bit less interested in the boys, sorry.  The clothes in the Lie Sang Bong fashion show are bomb, and we get to see the Tyra make-up commercials!  I think I need to get some of that Oops Liner!

Let’s skip to the winner, then, shall we?  America’s Next Top Model is: Keith!  It’s nice that he’s the first guy to win and if a guy had to win, I’m glad he’s attractive!


I’d love to see Lenox’s Tyra commercial.  Does anyone know where I can find that?

What did you think of the first male Top Model?!

ANTM Cycle 21: Introducing K Songs

This week my ANTM recap comes early!  I have a little something special tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so be sure to check in for that!

The challenge last week was another acting challenge.  In South Korean, you know there had to be a K Drama challenge!  Miss J dropped of a script, and yes, some of it was in Korean.  They watch a clip of “Emergency Couple,” to get the feel of it.  Keith, our former football player, admits he doesn’t have the strongest memory.  Adam, however, chucks his script across the room after about 20 minutes convinced he’s got it down.

The challenge takes places at Namsan Tower, where there are famous love locks all around the balcony.  “Emergency Couple” stars Clara and Yoon Jong Hoon act as scene partners and everybody does a pretty awful job.  Will says that because he is gay he can not possibly act attracted to a girl.  I don’t buy this for a minute.  What’s he’s saying is that he can’t act at all.  Shei is natural on set, but makes up the Korean parts badly.  Lenox is a self-fulfilling prophecy and forgets all her lines.  Adam, of course, doesn’t remember anything either.  Keith decides to turn into his alter ego, K Song, a smooth, slow-talking flirt.  He totally wins Clara over, connecting with her.  His strategy wins him the challenge.


For the photo shoot of the week, the boys are Elvis and the girls are Marilyn Monroe.  My favorite part about this photo shoot is all the Korean fans screaming and getting to take part in the shoot!  Here are the results:


And the call out order:

  • Adam
  • Keith
  • Will
  • Lenox
  • Shei


This leaves my girl Lenox as the last lady standing!  We’ll have a week break before the double-episode season finale.  Who do you think is going to be America’s Next Top Model?

ANTM Cycle 21: Go-Sees in Seoul

The challenge for the week is Go-Sees!  Go-Sees are to ANTM as Restaurant Wars is to Top Chef.  It’s really neat to see these ~models~ interact with real designers to see how they’d fair in real life situations and not on a reality TV show.  The group is to pair off, and no one wants to work with Chantelle.  Will grabs Shei and Lenox snatches up Adam.  Keith, who is unsure if Chantelle has a crush on him or thinks of him as a big brother, bites the bullet and works with Chantelle.

  • Will and Shei make it to 4 go-sees.  Will is too tall for all of the designers’ clothes and he gets uncomfortable about it.  Shei’s look is a bit too edgy for most of the designers.  One asked why her eyebrows are two different colors, and I’m like, because Tyra said they’re going to be!  [Will books 0 / Shei books 2]
  • Lenox and Adam make it to 4 go-sees, and get back to Nylon with mere seconds to spare.  Lenox is a big hit with all of the designers.  Adam, struggling with his personality sober, comes off as stiff. [Lenox books 4 / Adam books 1]
  •  Keith and Chantelle make it to 5 go-sees.  Keith’s strategy is to be as charming as possible, having learned the word for “thank you” in Korean and deploying it as often as possible.  Chantelle has no strategy and comes off as cold. [Keith books 4 / Chantelle books 1]

Though Keith and Lenox both booked the same number, Keith attended one additional go-see so he wins!

The week’s photo shoot features one of the designers from the go-sees, Jinny Kim, and her fabulous shoes.  Here are the results!

Keith was amazing this week! | Lenox's photo isn't my favorite, but those Jinny Kim shoes are FIERCE! | I'm obsessed with the wardrobe styling for Adam's shoot.  The picture is okay. | Shei's photo bothers me because you can barely see the shoes! | Chantelle's photo has no life at all. | Tyra made a great choice directing Will to put up that umbrella.  Lovely overall photo.

Keith was amazing this week! | Lenox’s photo isn’t my favorite, but those Jinny Kim shoes are FIERCE! | I’m obsessed with the wardrobe styling for Adam’s shoot. The picture is okay. | Shei seemed to forget it was a shoe photoshoot. | Chantelle’s photo has no life at all. | Tyra made a great choice directing Will to put up that umbrella. Lovely overall photo.

And the judges’ results:

  1. Keith
  2. Lenox
  3. Will
  4. Shei
  5. Adam
  6. Chantelle

Adam and Chantelle are in the bottom for the same reason– stiffness and control.  Adam is starting to loosen up and is entering into a new, sober chapter in his ANTM stint.  He stays.  Chantelle, who brought the drama back to the season in a post-Marjana world, has a bad attitude and definitely a lot of growing up to do.  She goes home, and this time, I am not sad to see her go.

What did you guys think of Chantelle’s second elimination?

And let’s not forget, this episode is called “The Girl Who Gets Caught in a Lie.” I left all that out, but if you want to chat about Chantelle’s “Panda” problem or her awkward and embarrassing lie, leave me a comment!

ANTM Cycle 21: She’s not cold; she’s mean.

Sorry about the little ANTM hiatus, but I wasn’t interested in a recap episode even if it was entitled “What Happens on ANTM Stays on ANTM.”  Last week, though, we were FINALLY in Seoul, South Korea and back to the competition.  Let’s cover some ground, then jump into the recap.

One juicy detail that I may or may not have missed by skipping the previous week was a little confessional kiss shared by Adam and Shei.  It mostly looked like drunk Adam kissed a confused and giggling Shei, but they both admitted to finding each other attractive.

Next, let’s talk about Chantelle.  I, like many people, wanted Chantelle back in this competition.  She’s lovely, and her unique look is interesting and really makes you want to like her.  She went out of the competition rather early, and I completely had forgotten about her personality.  She’s really not nice, as Lenox said in the titular quote of this post.  She’s closed off, and her personality does not add to the group.  It’s hard to actually like her on the show.

Moving on…

The journey to Seoul was definitely a long one and the models obviously had jet lag to deal with.  Adam, apparently had an additional hurdle in that he drank a bit too much on the plane.  This episode is called “The Guy Who Partied Too Hard,” and Adam’s drinking is brought up again and again.  Even in his floating head interviews, his eyes appear bloodshot and he seems hungover.  Yikes!

The first challenge in Seoul brings them face-to-face with K-Pop group BtoB who preform “Beep Beep” for them.  Their challenge is then this: learn the dance and perform it on the streets of Seoul as a photo shoot.

Lenox is immediately nervous because she can’t dance, but she does a fairly good job of hiding it by assuming she’s just going to look like a fool.  (Hint: Lenox, the key to dancing is to have a good time.  There is a very thin line between cool and fool, and if you think it’s cool, people watching you probably will too.)  Raelia is pumped about this challenge, and Chantelle’s narcissism works well for it.  Will’s a dancer, and Keith has one move that really works well for the crowd.  Shei’s no stand out, but she holds her own.  The real problem is Adam, who is potentially drunk and/or hungover and is a step behind through the whole thing.

Chantelle, Keith, and Raelia are the top three for the challenge, but Raelia wins!!

Back at home, Adam continues drinking heavily.  The next morning he Adam tries to recover from his hangover by drinking more.  Will asks if he would like some water, to which he responds: “Water’s no good for hangovers.”  If someone could please make a .gif of the face Will makes at that moment, it would be greatly appreciated.

The photo shoot of the episode is held inside of Seoul City Hall and is for MCM.  Creative Director of the brand, Michael Michalsky is onsite and his German accent completely obscures the word “Seoul.”  Between him and Yu Tsai, the photo shoot is not pretty for some of them.

Judging takes place in a neon-filled room at Seoul Institute of the Arts.  There are two triple-ten (one from J. Alexander, Tyra Banks, and Kelly Cutrone) photos this week: Will & Keith!


As for the rest, the proof is in the rankings:

  1. Keith
  2. Will
  3. Lenox
  4. Shei
  5. Adam
  6. Chantelle
  7. Raelia

Aaaand, I have two problems with this ranking.  (1) The judges like Adam’s picture, despite Tyra smelling alcohol on him both at the photo shoot and at judging.  This is not appropriate for work; you can not be drunk and/or impaired and perform your best work no matter what Adam thinks.

(2) I admit, I got teary that Raelia had to leave this week.  She wanted it; she deserved it.  She talks about coming from little and having nothing to go home to, and I felt for her.  It’s absolutely true that she did not take consistently good pictures, but her personality and energy was such a force on the show.  She gave her all, and it’s sad to see Chantelle stay over her.  Chantelle gives such a compartmentalized version of herself which inhibits her on set.

What did you think of the results from last week?  Who do you think is next to go home?

ANTM Cycle 21: The Road to Seoul

We resolve the cliffhanger ending at the beginning of “The Girl with the Bloodcurdling Scream,” and Chantelle rejoins the competition.  This is what I was hoping for!  Although, results were not quite as expected.  With 8 models in the competition and only 7 tickets to Seoul, people are more determined than ever.

So, the challenge is particularly relevant.  I just went through my first haunted house this weekend, and that’s basically what the model-hopefuls did.  They go through a pitch black hallway with scares along the way, then come face-to-face with the flashing lights of a camera and have to pose without fear.

Chantelle and Shei do the best, but Chantelle is ultimately the winner, already proving she deserves to be back in the competition.  However, she is not acting very happy to be back.

When it comes to the main photo shoot of the competition, Lenox asks her if she’s ready to rejoin the madness.  Chantelle says something along the lines of, I was having a better time out there.  Lenox takes this, understandably, as she doesn’t want to be there.

The photo shoot is (loosely) themed “no glove, no love” to promote condom use to prevent STDs.  This is a noble endeavor, but the only tie-in seems to be that the models are wearing fancy gloves.  They are posing with themselves and I think the shoot is super cool.

Kind of Black Swan, eh?

Kind of Black Swan, eh?

Although I think Lenox has the best photo of the week, her weak challenge score prevents her from taking that title.

Here are everybody’s results:

  1. Chantelle
  2. Shei
  3. Lenox
  4. Adam
  5. Keith
  6. Will
  7. Raelia
  8. Mirjana finally goes home

Mirjana seemed lost this week without Denzel, and the proof was in the pictures.

What do you think about the group heading to Seoul?!

ANTM Cycle 21: I don’t have a lot of experience with emotions.

I can’t believe how much I’ve written about stupid Mirjana and Denzel this cycle.  With this last episode, I think we’ve finally heard the end of that.  After the faux-break-up last episode, and this episode’s kind of role reversal between the two of them, the end was near anyway.  Let’s get on to the competition now, shall we?

Tyra Treat

Lenox has to pick two people to share in her Tyra treat.  She selects Shei and Raelia.  The threat turns out to be runway walk coaching with J. Alexander.  Finally, someone teaches something in this cycle!  Lenox again is afraid to let go, and Miss J tries to make her twerk to loosen up.  Now girl, I get it; I can’t twerk either.  How do I know that?  I tried!  Seriously, I followed Miss J’s instruction and results were questionable at best.  But therein lies the difference: 19-year-old Lenox is just too afraid to look silly.  The treat is definitely beneficial to one girl, though.

The Challenge

It’s LA Fashion Week, and the models have the opportunity to book a couple of shows for Style Fashion Week.  Betsey Johnson books Raelia, Shei, and Keith.  Control Sector books Will and Shei.  The girls then go to Altaf Maaneshia who decides to book all of them.  The guys walk for Civil Society who books Keith, Adam, and Will.  The only one who doesn’t book a single show is Denzel.

Shei kicks this challenge’s ass.  She changed up her walk for each designer and looked so great up on the runway.  Raelia stops like in the middle of the runway for Altaf’s show and Miss J nearly dies.  She gets it together for Betsey, though.  Shei wins the challenge!

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

bringing that edgy fierceness to the runway

The Photo Shoot

Denzel is low-energy and grumpy from not booking anything the previous day.  He, I guess, neglects to wake Mirjana up (because that’s something he has to do?) which makes her angry at him.  He doesn’t know how to deal, thus the titular quote of this post.  The photo shoot is for Mitchell Stone Essentials and the models will be paired off– Shei & Denzel, Mirjana & Keith, Will & Raelia, Lenox & Adam.  Since Shei is will sleepy Denzel, she tries to psych him up a little for their joint photo.  However, Mirjana takes this as flirting.  Mirjana is distracted as usual.  She blames him, but everyone around her, who she is stupidly listening to, says she shares blame.  She asks what’s wrong with her, to which the photographer responds, everything.


Tyra calls Mirjana out for being argumentative on set.  She claims that she was not arguing, just “conversating,” which Tyra lets her know is definitely not a word.  They are called out in the following order:

  1. Will – the clear best photo of the week
  2. Raelia – Will’s partner in the photo was finally able to turn into a model
  3. Keith – he looked great this week on the runway and in photo
  4. Shei – girl rocked the runway this week; her photo could’ve been better, though
  5. Mirjana – took a good photo despite her bad attitude
  6. Adam – took a great photo this week
  7. Lenox – her photo and runway confidence landed her in the bottom two
  8. Denzel – eliminated

but wait–

Comeback Moment

While the models eat soul food, which is a punny way to introduce the international location for the rest of the competition, Seoul, South Korea, she announces it’s time for a model to rejoin the competition.  It’s between Chantelle, the highest social media scoring girl, and Ben, who got the highest score of the guys.  Not Denzel.  Mirjana keeps a stiff upper lip.

Who do you think is coming back?!

I’m team Chantelle.

ANTM Cycle 21: It’s Not Over

This episode is called “The Girl Who Says Its Over,” but you’re about to find out… that’s not quite the case.

The challenge of the episode is with Kelly Cutrone and her fashion line, Electric Love Army, and Nylon Magazine.  The models break up into three groups and each take a word of Kelly’s line. Mirjana, Denzel, and Lenox are Electric; Matthew, Raelia, and Will are Love; Shei, Adam, and Keith are Army.

Results are rough, but two teams get good, Nylon-quality photos.  The Love group:


And the winner, Army:


Denzel’s badmouthing of his relationship with Mirjana sparks Lenox to say something to her.  Mirjana gets MAD and tells Denzel it’s over.  The next morning, she calls her boyfriend and confesses that she has kissed and cuddled with a guy in the competition. As viewers, we know this is the understatement of the century.  Even Mirjana admits they’ve been “intimate.”  Oh, lord.  Anyway, the boyfriend forgives her; she says it’s definitely over; they both say I love you.

The photo shoot for the episode has to do with the future.  Tyra had the group take DNA tests at the beginning of the series,which I thought was weird but after the heritage reveals, think it really cool.  Using props to represent their newly discovered genetic make-ups, the models pose with Cory from last season as a robot.

Denzel and Mirjana are lonely and awkward and decide to reconcile to the absolute dismay of everyone in the world.  I’m going to hell, admits Mirjana.

Results, and color-commentary on each contestant, as follows:

  1. Lenox – by far the best picture for the third week in a row!
  2. Will – I agree that this is the second best photo in the bunch.
  3. Shei – photos aren’t great, but I love this girl!  She pulled it out in the Nylon challenge, so I’m waiting for her to turn it on… as are the judges.
  4. Keith – Eh, he’s okay.
  5. Adam – I definitely think he’s made such improvement.  I think he was better than Keith.
  6. Denzel – I am so not impressed with his photos!  I think he should’ve gone this week.
  7. Raelia – I didn’t mind her photo this week; definite improvement from last week.  Again, I thought she did well int he Nylon challenge too.
  8. Mirjana – Beautiful girl, but her picture did nothing for me.  I also just don’t like her.
  9. Matthew – SO SAD to see him go.  He was an early favorite for me.  He’s super attractive and I think he has a lot of creativity.  …Is it me or are they really not teaching them much this season?  I think everyone could benefit from a little more Tyra time, and a male mentor for the guys.


Who do you think should’ve gone this week?  Are you as sad to see Matthew go as I am?

ANTM Cycle 21: Frozen, but Fierce

Hey, did you know America’s Next Top Model moved to Friday nights? Well, it did. My recaps are still going to pop up on Wednesdays for two reasons: (1) I’m stubborn, and (2) I’m lazy and this gives me ample time to watch the episode. Let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Kelly Cutrone announces the challenge: acting. The models pair off to do a space love scene, and they get to pick their scene partner. When Marjana goes for Keith and not Denzel, Kelly calls her out for “sleeping with” someone and not picking him. Marjana says it’s business v. pleasure, and goes with Keith. Denzel and Shei pick each other, and Marjana is hilariously, openly, distractedly jealous throughout the challenge. Grow up, Marjana. They perform their scene for CW executives.

  • Denzel & Shei both do well; they seem to have a lot of chemistry and both have acting chops.
  • Marjana & Keith are really lackluster.
  • Adam & Lenox both do well. Adam especially surprises me as a strong actor.
  • Matthew & Raelia are a mixed bag. Matthew is good, but Raelia has trouble with the lines.
  • Will & Kari maybe should’ve switched roles. They don’t embody their characters well.

Denzel, Adam, and Lenox are at the top. Denzel wins a walk on role on the CW.

I’m super surprised Shei got as low of a score as she did! I thought she was right up there with the best of them, and it seemed that the CW executives did as well.

Back at home, Marjana is still jealous of Shei and thinks she’s attracted to Denzel. “I feel like Denzel did this on purpose,” she says to the camera, like an absolute psycho. “If we were out in the real world, would I be attracted to her?” he asks himself to the camera, then answers, “probably not.”

Denzel makes some ignorant comments about Will and his high heels. Will gets really upset, and while I do feel for Denzel who Will will not speak with when he tries to come make amends, the fact of the matter is he doesn’t get why what he said is wrong.

The photo shoot is ghostly, but gorgeous; and frozen, but fierce. The models are decked out in icy make-up and crystalline accessories and have to pose on a block of ice. I absolutely love the styling of this shoot.

Marjana makes some rude comments about Raelia on her photo shoot and sets of another argument. HOLY CANOLI, MARJANA, GROW UP. I get it, girl; 18 is tough. You’re with adults now so effing act like one. Denzel admits that they are “nothing” as a couple. He doesn’t take her seriously.

In judging, Will comes in wearing his heels. Tyra puts Denzel in his place by putting his comments into perspective. I honestly think she handled the situation perfectly. Phew, drama. The photos are kind of a disappointment for me. I liked this shoot so much, but felt like so few of the pictures delivered. Like, Kari has absolutely not idea how to use her face. Lenox takes the title of the ice queen in this episode, and scores high with Miss J, Tyra, and Kelly. Her picture is my favorite!


the cold never bothered her anyway

Her picture is the judges’ favorite too. Tyra calls them out in this order:

  1. Lenox
  2. Adam
  3. Will
  4. Denzel
  5. Matthew
  6. Marjana
  7. Keith
  8. Shei
  9. Raelia
  10. Kari goes home

My favorites remain Lenox and Matthew, but Shei and Raelia are on my list too!  I’m hoping to see some great things from Shei soon.

Who are you throwing your support behind this cycle?

5 Things about ANTM: The Girl with 5 Frames

If you missed last week‘s episode, Lenox was given a rather harsh penalty by Tyra Banks for the worst video shoot.  She only had 5 frames for this week’s avant garde hair video shoot.  Here’s what happened:


Yu Tsai tells us it’s okay to cry

In the first human moment I’ve seen from Yu Tsai, he consoles a crying Lenox after she walked off set, crumbling from the pressure of her 5 frames.  We’re also reminded that Lenox’s father literally just died.  She wants the prize money to help her family.  I mean, the girl deserves to let it out a little!  She eventually gets through her 5 takes, but I notice she really looks like she’s about to cry.  The emotion behind her eyes ended up working in her favor, though…


Marjana still sucks

Wait, is this America’s Next Top Model or Marjana’s Dating Chronicles?  The Marjana/Denzel relationship is starting to annoy everyone in the house and likely, everyone watching.  I’m glad it’s not bothering Matthew anymore, because she’s clearly ridiculous.  Denzel doesn’t seem as into her as she is him.  Oh, and she still has a boyfriend!  She’s planning on writing him a letter… to break up with him, I guess?  Denzel is as surprised to hear that they’re dating as America was when she blurted it out in panel last week.  This will probably end badly.

They’re also super touchy.  My favorite quote of the week is on the matter, as spoken by Raelia:

That’s not class.  Like, let’s talk about class.  You don’t have it.  At all.

So true.


Nick Cannon makes headphones

I didn’t know Nick Cannon made headphones, but these Monster headphones look pretty cool!  Nick Cannon comes to give them a challenge.  They use a tablet with terrible photo resolution to create an ad.  The winning team is Lenox, Matthew, and Kari.  This was my favorite photo of the three, so I’m glad it won!  I can totally see this as an ad, and as a reward for winning, it will be one!



The house gets creative

I notice Shei sketching at the kitchen table, and gosh is she talented!  Ben shows off his talents to, writing a little song with Adam, who raps, while he sings and plays guitar.  He performs this song for Tyra and the judges before panel.  Tyra appreciates it and even has the models join in.


Worst to first

Like I said, the emotion behind Lenox’s eyes really worked in her favor.  Here’s how the models ranked:

  • Lenox
  • Marjana
  • Raelia
  • Shei
  • Will
  • Adam
  • Matthew
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Keith
  • Ben – eliminated

When it came down to Keith and Ben, I’m glad Keith stayed.  He’s just so… pretty!  Ben seems to be a man of many talents, so I’m sure he’ll be okay.

I wish Matthew were higher on the list, but overall I’m pretty happy with this week’s results.  I’m most pleased that Lenox was able to pull it off!

What did you think?  Any predictions for next week?

ANTM: A Tale of Two Virgins

Ben got best picture last week and chose Adam to share in the Tyra Suite. It’s nice that someone’s not using the Suite to try to hook up. Adam is growing on me, as he says his current career path is “sit in a cube and crush excel.” This, for some reason, is quite endearing to me.

Mirjana and Denzel are continuing their sickening flirtation. (Spoiler: she says they’re dating in judging.) I have no respect for this girl.

Tyra coaches them for a sexy photo shoot. Raelia (age 22) and Lenox (age 19) are virgins, which I inherently I find this interesting. Raelia does great at serving sexy, but Lenox has a lot of trouble.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

“Lenox has no sexuality,” comments Tyra.

Yu Tsai comes the next morning to announce the challenge. To test the skills Tyra taught, the models are paired up for a commercial… a sexy fragrance commercial with a black widow spider. It’s styled almost vampire-like. The girl (and in one case, Will) is the black widow and the guy a victim. The “Spyder Bite” commercial pairs are: Keith and Mirjana, Denzel and Kari, Ben and Raelia, Matthew and Will, Romeo and Lenox.

Romeo seems to warm up to other people a bit that evening. It’s his birthday, so some people stay up to celebrate with him— Adam, Matthew, Shei. Then he gets drunk and mean to Adam. He tries to entice Adam into hitting him. When Adam won’t play into it, he head-butts him a couple times leaving a small bruise. Yu Tsai and J. Alexander eliminate Romeo the next day for this physical altercation, as ANTM has a zero-tolerance violence policy. The remaining group trains for a stilt-walking fashion show.

Will rocks the runway like a model. Raelia falls right when she exits to walk and looks scared during her procession down the runway. Lenox definitely looks sexy during her walk! Mirjana, who had some much trouble during practice, did well, and even held up her partner, Adam. Ben had to walk alone with Romeo being eliminated, and commanded attention so well that he won the challenge.


And then there were 11 at judging. Kelly gives her first 10 to Raelia, who completely owns the Spyder Bite commercial! Tyra gives a startling 1 to Lenox, for giving up.

Also this happens.

Also this happens.

The rank this week:

  • Will
  • Raelia
  • Keith
  • Mirjana
  • Matthew
  • Shei
  • Denzel
  • Kari
  • Ben
  • Adam
  • Lenox

I have a brief moment of panic where I realize my early favorite is going home. But wait, Romeo already went home so Tyra is letting Lenox stay. As if the 1 from Tyra weren’t bad enough, Lenox only has 5 frames for the following week’s photo shoot. Do you think she can pull it out?