HK 14: 15 Chefs do Family Night

This week’s Hell’s Kitchen felt really long, but not in a bad way– just like, a lot of things went on.  The chefs played Never-Have-I-Ever, there was a big football game (of sorts) and another individual cooking challenge, and then a dinner service.  Let’s get to that football game, shall we?

Chef Ramsay talked about football as an American classic.  (Coming from Gordon Ramsay, I find this hilarious; he played professional football… the kind we would call soccer.)  The challenge for the chefs is to recreate and elevate some American classic comfort foods– mac & cheese, burgers, pizza, and spaghetti.  Footballs are launched in the air with different ingredients on them and the chefs must gather the ingredients they want.  They work in pairs to gather ingredients, as its two chefs on each team to a dish, except for Randy on Blue who works alone.


When they get around to actually creating their dishes, Chef Ramsay will only taste one.  Red and Blue go head to head and are scored by guest judges Suzanne Goin and David Burke.

  • Bret wins the pizza point for Blue.
  • Meghan gets Red on the board with her burger.
  • Joshua takes mac & cheese for Blue.
  • Sarah wins the spaghetti point for Red.
  • As a tie-breaker, they pick the best dish overall: Sarah’s spaghetti.  Red wins!

Red goes sailing in Long Beach for the day while Blue preps a large shipment of onions as punishment.  Bret is literally so mad that when Gordon’s announcing the reward, he stops saying, there’s only so much pain Bret can take.

Dinner Service is family night and both sides have quite a few bumps.  Sarah starts out with a mistake on scallops that she easily fixes.  Brendan makes 1.2 risottos instead of 2, and when Bret goes to fix it, he pours the old one into the fresh one.  Um, have you ever seen this show before?  That’s a sin in Hell’s Kitchen.

The meat station is where both teams struggle.  Bret must just not know his temps, as a severely overcooked New York strip and some bad salmon force the Blue team to eat their mistakes.  Marino brings them wine, too.  It’s got to be so embarrassing for them.  Red actually fairs worse with Monique and Mieka on meat.  Undercooked Wellington from Monique and raw New York strip from Mieka plague the girls’ team.  When Mieka puts up a steak that’s cooked to death, Ramsay kicks them out of the kitchen.  Blue manages to finish service.

It’s obvious that Monique and Mieka are the weakest chefs on the Red Team and that they both deserved to be up for elimination.  For some reason, (because apparently no one who’s on this show has seen this show,) the girls decide to strategize by putting someone up so they can get rid of Monique: Sarah, arguably the strongest chef in the competition so far.

This, of course, backfires and Monique spills the whole plan to Chef Ramsay.  There’s a moment of shock and horror when he calls Sarah’s name instead of Monique’s, but then sends her back in line and swiftly eliminates Mieka.  That’s what you get, girls.

Mieka deserved to go home tonight, but don’t worry, Monique shouldn’t be around for long.



Brady Bunch Party Crashers


The Brady Bunch is supposed to be Thursday, but since Hell’s Kitchen already crashed the block party, let’s talk about this show now.

Like Gilligan’s Island, this show was created by Sherwood Schwartz.  Like both Gilligan’s Island and The Beverly Hillbillies, the entire premise of the show is reveal via theme song.  It’s a story of Carol and her three daughters: Marsha, Jan, and Cindy.  It’s a story of Mike Brady and his three sons: Greg, Peter, and Bobby.  They marry, and that’s the way this family of 8 came to be.

Now really, The Brady Bunch stikes me as quite modern for 1960s television, albeit late 1969 when the series began it’s 5 season run.  It’s a blended family!  I also heard a rumor once that Mike and Carol were the first TV couple shown sharing a bed.  Ooh la la!  Though the mother of the Brady boys is known to be deceased, Carol’s previous marital status is left ambiguous.  Schwartz wanted her to be divorced, but it’s never quite clear if the lovely ladies had a daddy around.

The Brady Bunch is still popular among kids and teens, which to me is a great little piece of pop culture.  We couldn’t live without Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, or, even better, that episode when Marsha takes a football to the face– Oh my nose!  I always thought their ultra mod house was cool too.

With the recent passing of Ann B. Davis, we were reminded of our favorite housekeeper who completed the grid of faces that started each episode.  When I was growing up, the movies starring my girl Shelley Long as Carol were popular, but I always felt like they were fake.  I liked the show and I was a snob about it.  Luckily for me, my friends were watching the show too.  I can start in on I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s calling my name and get an “I hear ya now!” back from any of them, even today!

Speaking of which, get out there and enjoy the summer sun this fourth of July weekend!  I can’t think of more quintessential American sitcom for today, America’s birthday!