Midweek Mad Men: The Forecast

This week’s episode gave me the two things I wanted most: Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper all-grown-up, and more Christina Hendricks as the always amazing Joan.  That’s where my focus is this time around.

As a wearer of big earrings, I appreciate that Joan takes one off to answer the phone.

As a wearer of big earrings, I appreciate that Joan takes one off to answer the phone.

Joan’s storyline starts out in LA, as she basks in the life of a fabulous account executive and partner.  She’s loving her job and things take a romantic turn when she meets a mysterious stranger, Richard.  They enjoy a night together, he speaks of his grown children and his divorce, and asks if she is married.  She says no, but admits to once having been.  She returns to New York.  He flies in to surprise her for dinner, where probing questions sour his interests.  Joan assures him that she is not married, but does have a four-year-old son, Kevin.  This stops the tryst in its tracks later on, as he’s free as a bird and doesn’t want to raise kids anymore.  This leads Joan to yell at her babysitter that she’s ruining her life.  Her sweet son’s voice softens her slightly.

Richard thinks better of himself and brings her flowers.  Joan admits she lives with her mother and has been married twice… and there’s still the kid.  Richard has made a 180 and says he’d like to meet Kevin and her mother.  What I found weird is Joan saying she’d chose him over her son… that doesn’t sound right, or like Joan.  I’m actually a huge Roger/Joan shipper, so although I love seeing Joan happy, I don’t have hopes in this relationship.

Sally Draper has grown to be so smart, and resents the way both her parents act.  Glen, who admittedly has grown up a lot too, visits inciting more odd behavior between him and Betty.  He’s 18 and shipping off to Vietnam.  He makes a move on Betty, who I literally give credit to for stopping it… but only because I have no faith in Betty.  Sally’s reaction to Glen’s enlisting stops her from enjoying a day with him and leaves her in tears on the phone trying to wish him goodbye.  Sally’s going away too, though– 12 states in 12 days.  Don takes her and a few friends out to dinner.  One friend gets flirty with Don, and Sally calls him out on it.  I actually thought Don was better behaved than usual… I guess I don’t have much faith in Don either.

Let’s talk about Don, because it’s kind of his show.  I mean, everyone sort of thinks he’s a mess like his penthouse.  Against all odds, his wine-stained and empty place sells!  It looks like Don is going to have to move on… physically and otherwise.  I don’t want Don to lose his magic.  Maybe a new environment will reinvigorate him.

And before we close, let’s talk about how badass Peggy was saying to Pete, “you can’t fire one of my men!”  You chase that dream of being the first female creative director, Peggy!

What did you guys think of Sunday’s episode?!

Midweek Mad Men: New Business

Ahh, there just are so few episodes left of Mad Men!  Sunday’s episode, “New Business,” seriously suffered from a lack of Joan, but it was a super interesting.

sensual vermouth photo shoot

sensual vermouth photo shoot, Peggy and Pima presiding

Female photographer Pima Ryan was a fun one-off character.  In her vest & slacks, she is a formidable professional presence. She’s not what she seems, though.  She seduces Stan, but Peggy’s got her figured out when she tries her moves on her.


And I’m kind of sad to see Megan go.

Megan’s a tough case.  I hate her a lot of the time.  I hate hearing her ask Don for her allowance.  Get a real job, Megan!  I love her mother clearing out Don’s apartment for some sort of catharsis.  I love her standing up to Harry during a business lunch turned sleazy.  I even love her calling Don out, but seeing him write that million dollar check to close that chapter in his life was… rough.

Well, this is a crystal clear image.

Well, this is a crystal clear message.

I’m still worried about Don.  We got to see most of his family this time (still no Sally!) and see it functioning without him.  We see Betty, name droppin’ as usual.  Man, did that character take a negative turn.  (Did anyone else google Fairfield Masters programs to see if hers was real?  It is.  The clip is on Fairfield’s website too.)  Don makes me sad with his revolving door of women that he clings onto so quickly.  Diana is/was just another stopgap, really.  I can’t see her as anymore than that.


What did you guys think of “New Business?”

Mid-Week Mad Men Moments

Alright guys, how could we not talk about these last few episodes of Mad Men?!  That nostalgia commercial/compilation that AMC plays right before this episode about bowls me over.  Every Wednesday until the end, we’ll discuss the final days of Don Draper on our TVs.  Why Wednesday?  I like the alliteration in “Med-Week Mad Man,” and I’m also pretty lazy.


I’ve been sick, so I’m going to keep this one brief.  “Severance” was kind of a weird, re-intro episode in that it’s been a year since we’ve seen Don, but we do, nothing’s really changed save for that he now talks about his childhood candidly.  Progress!  What saddens me is that I can’t picture what a happy ending for Don would even look like.  He’s so sad and lonely.


Who I do want to talk about is these two: Joan and Peggy.  Settling into the new agency post-merger, Joan’s dealing with even more chauvinism than ever before.  Who wanted to smack that guy when he said Joan should work in brassieres?  Poor Joan!  I completely approve of solving your problems with retail therapy, but how long can the always-composed Joan listen to this guy?  Joan has long been my favorite character on this show, so I’m hoping we’ll get lots more of her in these final episodes.

Peggy, on the other hand, it’s taken me a long time to like.  I thought she looked quite lovely here and she even had her fun run-away-to-Paris date, which may or may not go anywhere.  What I hated was Peggy in the elevator lecturing Joan about the way she dresses… pan to Joan in a high-neck top.  Don’t be jealous, Peggy.  Siiigh, Peggy never did fit in with the girls.


Okay, hopefully I’ll do better next week but until then: Mad Men thoughts, go!



Walking Dead Catch Up

Yesterday, I caught up on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead.  I got super into this show just before the mid-season finale.  I’ve been good at keeping up with it since then, but I must say, it started out slow.

The first episode post-hiatus was neat, but it didn’t progress the story at all.  I was feeling the same way about last week’s episode… that is, until the end.  The way this stranger says friend and the knowledge he has of the group and Rick is creepy, to say the least, but the hope of having shelter and resources is tempting.

This image stuck me and inspired me to write this post!

This image stuck me and inspired me to write this post!

And so, we’ve turned a new corner with this season– anew character, a new storyline, and undoubtedly, new threats.  With those last few minutes, I am now invigorated and so excited to see tonight’s episode!

Have you been keeping up with Walking Dead?

What do you think of this season so far?

Looking Forward: 2015 TV

This is the most important list I could write.  Now that we’ve talked about favorite shows of 2014, let’s look forward to my most anticipated shows of 2015.  Mark your calendars for these very important premiere dates!

I thought Gillian would be nice eye candy to accompany this list.

I thought Gillian would be nice eye candy to accompany this list.

MasterChef Junior | We don’t have to go too long without this delight!  A new season returns Tuesday, January 6th at 8 PM on Fox.  You’ll probably see my recaps pop up on Fridays again.

Shameless | After quite the surprise in the end of last season, I can’t wait for new episodes!  Shameless returns to Showtime Sunday, January 11th at 9 PM.  I’ll be watching on Showtime Anytime since this conflicts with another show…

Girls | I feel like it’s been such a long time since the season finale.  Is Hannah going to Iowa?  I guess we’ll find out on Sunday, January 11th at 9 PM.  My recaps should be ready for you Mondays, as usual.

The Fall | Oh goodness, how I’ve missed this delicious Gillian Anderson detective thriller.  I’ve been waiting forever for new episodes, and the second series finally hits Netflix on Friday, January 16th.

Best New Restaurant | Tom Colicchio hosts this Gordon Ramsay production, Bravo’s new Best New Restaurant.  With the two of them involved, it’s a sure thing I’ll be watching.  The premiere is Wednesday, January 21st at 10 PM, I guess taking the place of Top Chef.  I’m hungry just thinking about it.

The Walking Dead | I’m going to be very busy on Sundays.  The Walking Dead returns from it’s midseason hiatus on Sunday, February 8th at 9 PM on AMC.

Better Call Saul | I finally finished Breaking Bad, checking it off from my TV to-do list.  Saul has got to be my favorite character, and I’m looking forward to more Bob Odenkirk in the AMC show!  It’s set to premiere Monday, February 9th at 10 PM.

Broadchurch | I’d been watching Gracepoint, but when Broadchurch finally hit Netflix it was clear that this is the superior show.  While series 2 premieres in January in the UK, we’ll have to wait a bit longer on BBC America.  Broadchurch series 2 premieres Wednesday, March 4th at 10 PM.

Orphan Black | It’s straight-up torture to make us wait this long!  My favorite show of the year finally returns to BBC America on Saturday, April 18th.  Clone Club Catch-Up will be back, friends!


So now you know what I’m most looking forward to in the new year and how you can watch too!  What shows are you most looking forward to?

Megan Problems


Last Sunday was the first time I have ever watched Mad Men when it aired.  That seems weird to me, but to be fair, I just became a fan of this show last year.  I’ve spent the beginning of this season catching up on the newly Netflix-ed season 6, and also not having cable.  I caught up thanks to OnDemand last weekend, and after Game of Thrones, I tuned in.

When “The Runaways” was over, I felt listless… most likely because that meant the weekend was over and I’d have to stop procrastinating and go to sleep to face work the next day.  I realized later that the reason I wasn’t super happy with this episode was the lack of Joan.  Joan is my favorite, and her absence left us with the other, lesser leading ladies.

I have some Megan problems.  Trust me, I like Megan way more than Betty, (more on her later,) but especially now, Megan is proving to be a ridiculous choice of a wife.  She is awkwardly threatened by Stephanie and, though polite, does not provide an aura of hospitality.  She makes sure Stephanie is gone before seeing Don.  When Don does arrive, Megan only cares about her party.  Here are my Megan problems:

  • Where did she get all that hair for her look that night?  Megan’s hair is not that long or full.
  • What WAS that threesome scene with Megan, Amy, and Don?  You KNOW Amy and Megan have done that before.
  • I honestly think the last thing Don Draper ever needs is drugs.  Megan, this is not what you’re here for!

If I were Don, I wouldn’t go visiting LA very often either.  As for our other leading ladies, Betty sucked as usual.  I am disgusted by how mad she was at Sally for her nose.  Sally didn’t purposely mutilate her face.  She didn’t even end up breaking her nose.  Sally’s insinuation that somehow her genetic gift of a nice nose was something she willingly bestowed upon her daughter was absurd.  Sally’s pretty awesome these days, eh?

Peggy was pretty good.  Her life is quiet right now, which is eating at her more than we see, I think.  The whole computer cracks me, honestly.  Why would anything ever need to be so large?  What on earth does that computer do that it needs to be so enormous?  Sorry, I love 2014.

Just some thoughts.  I want more Joan.