2014 Favorites

It’s that time!  With the year winding down, here is my very own Obligatory 2014 TV Favorites List.  Now, if you’ve been reading for a while, none of these should surprise you.  I thought it might be a fun thing to do year to year, so even though you’ve probably read a million of these, I’m giving you another.  I’ve got two categories for you; my favorite things, TV & video games.  Without further ado:


TV Shows

5. Orange is the New Black | Probably my most anticipated new season of the year, OITNB’s second season did not disappoint!


LostGirlTVSeriesLogo4. Lost Girl | I stated watching this late last year, early 2014.  This show hit every note for me, and I recommend it for Buffy fans and similar.  It’s final season is just beginning, so jump on this train.


Ecran_Titre_d'American_Horror_Story3. American Horror Story | Coven straddled 2013 and 2014, and Freak Show will bleed into next year.  I’m just so onboard with this show and especially Jessica Lange.  I only hope she is as onboard as I am for the next season!



The_Walking_Dead_title_card2. The Walking Dead | I watched the first season years ago, and picked up again recently just in time for the mid-season finale.  I am constantly impressed with the emotional depths this show brings me to.


1. Orphan Black | Recommended to me in late 2013, I watched the first season of this show just in time for the second to begin.  You may have caught my Clone Club Catch-Ups, and expect to see more next year.  Tatiana Maslany’s masterful performance as almost all of the show’s main characters is always worth watching.


Honorable Mention: Top Chef | Another show whose seasons straddle two years, I absolutely loved New Orleans and Boston might be my favorite season ever.  Stay tuned for more recaps!


Video Games


03. Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS | Okay, this is two games.  I’ve played the 3DS version more because it’s portable, and I’ve had it longer.  This is my favorite installment of Super Smash since the original N64 version.  The novelty of this concept has not worn off!  Kirby smashing up Pikachu is still awesome.

02. Mario Kart 8 | I hate to say this, but I’m not really a Mario Kart girl.  Sure, I loved Super Mario Kart, but the N64 days had me with Diddy Kong Racing and don’t even get me started on Double Dash.  MK8, however, single-handedly justified purchasing a WiiU for me.  I am so impressed with this game.  I love the online component, and find the DLC exciting.  I keep on coming back for more!

01. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby | Hoenn was always my favorite region so I was more excited than ever before for these amazing remakes.  I got through Alpha Sapphire fast; faster than X by far.  These games have even reignited my desire to complete an Unova adventure.  I’m so happy that more people will be introduced to this region and this story.  These games are fantastic and I can’t wait for what Pokémon has in store for us next!  I’d write more about how much I’m obsessed with these fantastic games, but I want to go wonder trade.

And there you have it!  What are your favorite shows and/or games from this year?

Gods and Monsters

Hi guys!  I’m away for the weekend but I promise I’ll have a real post for you Monday.  Until then, I wanted to share my favorite thing in the world.

Jessica Lange’s Lana Del Rey cover is literally the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen or heard.  I love this clip from American Horror Story: Freak Show than anything I’ve seen from the season so far.  I love watching Jessica Lange sing “Gods and Monsters” even more than I love watching her smoke cigarettes.

And that’s saying something.

Jessica Freakin’ Lange

Last week marked American Horror Story’s season 4 premiere.  You guys might have figured this out about me, but I’m super lazy and fall very quickly behind with current television.  I’m impatient and lazy, which is why binge-watching is my thing.  Without this blog to hold me accountable, some amazing shows get dropped.  Well, that’s what happened with American Horror Story last season.

After watching Freak Show last week, I knew I HAD to finished Coven.  Honestly, Coven spoke to me more than any other season.  Witchcraft has always interested me and I’m always drawn to it as a theme.  The fashion completely inspired me as well– all black everything!  I love the aesthetic of the whole season, and I can confidently call it my favorite.  The best thing about Coven, and any season of American Horror story is the fabulous Jessica Lange.



If I hadn’t already had a Wednesday post this week, it would’ve been Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Lange.  I could literally watch this woman smoke a cigarette for the rest of my life.

Good god this woman is so freaking sexy!  She plays her roles with such presence– we see her as an incredibly powerful character, and with such genuine vulnerability in each of her AHS roles.  This is especially true of Fiona Goode in Coven– supremely powerful, but sick and dying, and of Elsa Mars in Freak Show– in charge, but tragic.

I’m absolutely in love with Jessica Lange, and I can only hope she changes her mind and chooses to continue American Horror Story.  I don’t know if I want to watch this show without her.

Anyway, this is a great show to watch for the Halloween season!  Let this serve as my first installment of the Countdown to Halloween.

What’s your favorite AHS season?

What do you think of Freak Show so far?


Though Freak Show is not one of the shows I’m recapping this season, I’ll be doing my best to keep up!  That being said, there will be a couple weeks that are TV recap heavy coming up.  Stay tuned to see what new shows will appear on this blog!