The Girl Without Magic

First, sorry for the lack of posts last week– I was sick and couldn’t get myself to do anything.  Second, I read my first book of 2018 and it was SO GOOD.  It’s called The Girl Without Magic and it’s the first of the Chronicles of Maggie Trent.  I’m teaming up with Xpresso Book tours to talk about it today.


Maggie Trent is 100% sure that she is dead.  Her afterlife consists of a tent, wishes granted out of thin air, and various magical denizens as neighbors.  Maggie soon learns she isn’t dead, but that she has fallen into the Siren’s realm.  Here, magic is currency.  Maggie is unwilling to give up the magic inside her, fearing she’d become one of the Derelict– those who have used all their magic up and have nothing left.  She assumes the life of a human, earns magic by selling the fish she catches, and settles into a little life in the Siren’s Realm.  Then the storm comes.  It washes the Derelict away and it destroys Maggie’s tent & fishing net.  The Siren gives and the Siren takes.  Maggie stays safe with help of Bertrand, who shows her there’s a way to replenish her magic.  Thus, Maggie is off on her first adventure in another world.

I really loved “The Girl Without Magic.”  It took me a bit to get into because I was waiting and waiting to learn that Maggie wasn’t really dead; it’s really quite obvious, we’re just left waiting for Maggie to figure it out.  Once the Siren’s realm was established, I was enthralled.  I was even more enthralled by the concept set up– I’m guessing each book in this series will deal with another of Maggie and Bertrand’s adventures to another world.

That being said, initially, Malina felt like such a departure from the Siren’s Realm.  I’m really interested in the Siren’s Realm, and less so Malina– though the Wanderers’ society actually seemed really cool.  I definitely wasn’t a fan of the love story, but it’s also not the worst I’ve read.

Maggie herself was such a great character.  Her voice is wonderfully punchy and modern without feeling out of place with the old-fashioned Bertrand.  Bertrand is pretty great too.  I’m really looking forward to seeing more from both of them!

I’m definitely hooked on The Chronicles of Maggie Trent!  I can’t wait to read more!


I received a copy of the book c/o Xpresso Book tours for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  For more about the author, visit 

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