Game of Thrones Finale: Best & Worst

I realize I haven’t talked about Game of Thrones all season here, but I have been watching!  It’s been a relatively short season with its ups and downs– we’ve had a few good moments, and a lot of what felt like stalling.  Ultimately, I found the finale satisfying, but with plenty of quieter moments.  Here’s my assessment of what worked and what maybe didn’t.

Let’s start with the good:

My sister asked you a question

I’ll admit, I was so nervous about Sansa this season and how shaky her relationship with Arya seemed.  I wanted to believe Sansa was smart enough to see through Littlefinger, but man did she play her cards close.  Seeing Sansa & Arya come together to eliminate the threat to House Stark was obviously the best moment of the episode.

Meet the Walker

Honestly, watching Cersei react to that white walker Clegane kicked out of the box was a very satisfying moment.  We were on the edge of our seats as the box lay still for so long and Clegane was so hesitant to actually kick it.  Satisfying!

Purple Fire

Matt & I watched and wondered– is the undead dragon going to breathe fire or ice?  While I’m pretty disappointed it wasn’t ice, watching him bring down the Wall with his purple fire was the most interesting thing the episode gave us– the moment of payoff we’ve all been waiting for, even if it wasn’t for our side.

Jamie walked away

Seeing almost everyone together in one place was great even if the meeting on Cersei’s territory was super scary to watch.  Seeing Jamie & Brienne together was something I’ve been waiting for forever.  It was nice to see old alliances (and rivalries, like Brienne & the Hound) revisited because I’ve wanted Jamie on the right side for so long.  Why he aligns with his sister at all, I’ll never understand.  He and Tyrion have remained close against all odds, but the dynamic with the Lannisters is complicated.  When Brienne and Jamie were on the same side, Jamie felt good.  The end of the episode finally has him walking away from his sister to do what he thinks is the right thing!

And of course, that eerie snow that started as he did!

And now the bad:

What did Tyrion say?

What could Tyrion possibly have said to convince Cersei to come out and agree?  Like, even if she was lying, which we know she was, we missed the moment where things clicked… and that’s kind of disappointing.  It’s also funny that she almost treated Tyrion better than Jamie in this episode… she didn’t threaten to kill Tyrion.

LOL Theon

I’m sorry, but do we care about Theon?  I feel like he was way more involved in this episode than was warranted.  He won back Ironborns by somehow surviving punches that looked a lot harder than the ones he threw.  He got a little redemption from his conversation with Jon but like, do we care?

Bran reveals all

It was straight-up lazy having Bran reveal Jon’s identity like that.  All of the speculation from fans, the great mystery looming from A Song of Ice and Fire and Bran’s just going to spit it out to Samwell Tarly in a throwaway scene at the end of the episode.  He just spits out plot points and we juxtapose it with Jon and Dany having sex for shock value.

But guys, this is Game of Thrones; this is not nearly as gross as Jamie and Cersei.  We knew it was coming all season long anyway.  I kind of don’t hate it?  They’re two of the best characters and Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke are both gorgeous humans.

I can’t help but feel like the show is already over for some reason… like, with the books so out of sync with the show.  Still, I’ll be waiting for a season 8.  Thoughts?!


  1. RE: Jon and Dany. I spend so much time defending these two. It’s also important to remember that the Targaryens practice Dynastic Incest a la the egyptian pharaohs, this is icky, but makes it OK in world.

    I too was terrified of the rift between Arya and Sansa and loved the way it worked out.

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