Steven Universe vol. 1

As soon as I started watching Steven Universe, I checked iTunes for the songs I loved.  The music in this show is AMAZING (like, I’m considering several tracks for our wedding) and I was so sad that I had to depend on Youtube for my Steven Universe tunes.  Thankfully, my prayers were answered and volume 1 of the soundtrack is coming out at the end of this week!

I’ve already pre-ordered and the track listing is phenomenal.  I thought I’d highlight some of my favorites for you today!

4. Giant Woman

One of the first songs this show gave us has always been a favorite.  It was stuck in my head from the moment I heard it.  My fiancé sings it to me all the time, adapting the lyrics to fit whatever the situation, so it’s really near & dear to my heart!

5. Strong in the Real Way

Ugh, what a jam!  I’ve always loved Pearl and gosh does Deedee Magno Hall have a KILLER voice.  I get some major musical theatre vibes listening to her sing and I love the cadence of the refrain.

14. Lapis Lazuli / 15. Wailing Stone

I’m kind of cheating because these are two separate tracks on the soundtrack, but they’re basically the same song!  This little Lapis Lazuli tune is gorgeous, but so short that I started to love Wailing Stone even more!  So catchy.

16. Stronger Than You

My original Steven Universe obsession.  This is my favorite episode and has to be my favorite song.  I listened to this on repeat after first seeing the episode.  It’s actually the reason I went on iTunes looking for this soundtracks months ago before it existed!

37. Love Like You (End Credits)

This is an actual contender for our first dance song.  It took me some time to realize that all of the ending themes were part of one song, but once I did, I couldn’t stop listening to it put together like this!  I’m so, so glad I’ll have this song.

Honestly, to pick 5 of 37 tracks was so hard!  There are so many other ones I really love and I just can’t wait to own this soundtrack!  You can see the entire track listing here, and get it for yourself June 2!

What’s your favorite Steven Universe song?

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