Wedding Wednesday: Progress Report

Let’s be real, this post is mostly for me.  We’ve made SO MUCH progress planning our big day, (April 7, 2018!) but there are so many details to keep track of!  I like to be able to check the boxes, so it’s interesting to me to take inventory of where we are in the process.  I warn you: I’m the kind of person who likes to get everything done early, so don’t feel like you need to go by my timelines!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.05.56 PM

Dresses & Attire

  • You guys know, I ordered my wedding dress back in January.  (I wrote about saying yes, too!)  I actually got a call last week that my dress is in!  I was so surprised!  I haven’t scheduled any fittings yet, but I can’t WAIT to have it back on.
  • I also picked out my bridesmaids’ dresses back in March, and my girls ordered at various points within the month.  Three of them got calls that their dresses were in, so all four of them came with me last weekend to try them on!  The remaining bridesmaid dress & junior bridesmaids’ dresses should be in within a couple of weeks.  Again, so early!  We ordered directly from the designer, so they took no time at all!
  • A little over a week ago, we picked up a swatch of said bridesmaids’ dresses to help us with groom & groomsmen attire.  I have a good idea of what we want now, and I’m happy with that.
  • I still need a veil, headpiece, and shoes!
  • I have my hairdresser lined up.  Make-up is still a question mark.
  • Wedding bands for both of us is something we’re given thought too, but no progress on that front yet.  We’re going to check in with the jeweler who made my engagement ring to see if he can do the bands for us as well.

Venue & Food

  • Securing our venue was our first step.  We’re doing the ceremony and the reception in the same spot, which is nice!
  • Because our venue is a hotel, we also secured our room block there.  I actually need to do a better job getting the word out to friends and family that they can book now…
  • Our tasting is actually next week!


  • I researched photographers for a while, but chose the first one I had admired.  She met with us, and that human-touch made me feel so at ease!
  • We’re actually doing our engagement photos with said photographer in about a week!  I bought a couple of dress options, and we scouted out our location.  I’ll share them, of course.


  • One of the first vendors we secured (after the venue itself) was our Justice of the Peace.  We really need to get working on our vows for him, though.
  • We recently secured a DJ, a recommendation from a recommendation.  We have a lot of thinking to do about music, but our DJ will do our ceremony & reception, so I’m happy.
  • We love the florist we chose!  I haven’t officially signed anything with her yet, but we’re so sold after meeting with her.  She clearly understood everything I wanted and, when once I thought I didn’t care about flowers, I now find myself really looking forward to seeing them!
  • Cake is a huge question mark.  Originally, we didn’t want to do cake; we wanted donuts!  It’s flipped between the two dessert options for a while… it could end up being both?  We’ve got time to work on this!
  • Do registries count as part of the vendor category?  I mostly outsourced our wedding registry to my fiancé– the kitchen is his territory!  We registered at Crate and Barrel (dinnerware, cutlery, drinking glasses) and (for everything else!) Amazon.  It was a team effort to pick the things we liked (me) and the best of the best kitchen gadgets (him).  I’m actually super happy with everything and think we have a great, reasonable range of items!


  • We’re doing our engagement photos before we do our save-the-dates.
  • I think we’ve decided on our invitations already, after a lot of thought.  I got samples from Minted, and I know we’re going with them!
  • Escort cards are a bit of a question mark at the moment, but it’s another Minted project.  I don’t want them the same as the invitations, and I’ve got something in mind that will go well!
  • I’m not sure about table numbers, (whether they’ll even be paper or not,) but my florist suggests they be on the shorter side given my centerpieces.

Other Events/Details

  • Our wedding website is up!  We’ve got a matching hashtag too.
  • We were on the fence about doing a rehearsal dinner since our venue doesn’t allow it, but we’ve decided to do one anyway.  We have a plan, but need to put it into action.
  • Finally, our honeymoon!  We were all over the place for location ideas from southeast Asia (but jet lag!), to the Caribbean (but Zika!), to various Pacific islands.  I have a front-runner right now, though.  I say I, because Matt and I really haven’t talked about it much.  He’s busy with work while I’m dreaming of our tropical vacation!

I’ll leave it at that.  There are a lot of little details to work out, and some big ones, but I feel like we’re in great shape!  I’ve managed to stay organized, on budget, and comfortably early.  We’re coming up on the ten month mark and I just can’t wait!

Anyone else planning a wedding?  I’d love to hear about your experience doing so!

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