Girls: Gummies


I hate to say this, but I think Jessa was the most interesting part of this episode!  Of course, the Hannah storyline is prominent so let’s start there.

Hannah’s mother Lorene is visiting and Hannah tells her that she’s pregnant and wants to keep the baby.  Lorene actually seems to take the news really well at first, but then Lorene’s personal crisis comes out.  She’s newly separated and is miserable living alone.  When Hannah insists that she may meet someone, it puts her over the edge and she storms off.  Oh, did I mention she’s been eating pot gummies this whole time?

Elijah & Hannah work their way through the city in search of renegade Lorene.  When they finally find her, wrecked in a dumpling cafe, she tells Hannah every time she looks at her baby she will think of her own death (casual) and it’s then that Elijah learns of Hannah’s pregnancy.

To say Elijah doesn’t take it well is an understatement.  Watching Elijah this season has made me wonder about him… what exactly does he do?  He is literally never dressed.  With Hannah about to be responsible for another human, Elijah is losing his partner in crime.  He tells her she’s going to be a horrible mother, to hurt her like her news has hurt him.

Meanwhile, Jessa & Adam are shooting their movie.  It’s actually very fun to watch Adam replay these Hannah scenes (and I love the Hannah bedroom they created in Laird’s apartment) and it’s even more fun to watch Jessa’s reaction to them.  Jessa has NO IDEA how to have a relationship.  Perhaps Adam is realizing that now.

Marnie & Ray called it quits too.  Can someone tell me, did Marnie say you’re not a bad person or I’m not a bad person?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again– let’s see the girls interact with each other now!  There are so many conflicts between them, so I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.  Thoughts?!

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