Girls: Painful Evacuation


Ugh, last night’s Girls was indeed painful.  It was such a sad episode, and very heavy.

I guess let’s start with Ray, who hasn’t been in the picture much so far this season.  Ray has two really rough interactions in this episode.  First, Ray witnesses Tommy– a neighborhood old man who has a lot to say– drop dead on the street after sort of dismissing him from the Grumpy’s counter.  Hermie and Ray then fight about Ray’s wasted potential.  While rehashing the conversation with Shosh, who suggests Hermie just wants Ray to be better than him, Ray decides to go to Hermie’s to apologize.  When he arrives, he finds that Hermie has also passed away.  ROUGH.

Let’s briefly stop at Marnie, who fakes her way through sex with Ray and then tells him “I want to die in a lion’s mouth with you,” which she is certain is the best, most poetic compliment a person could receive.  Ray really wants to go to dinner with Marnie (dumplings and beer?  yes please!) but Marnie is busy at couples therapy with Desi.  See, it’s really irritating that she feels the need to be there like she’s helping him, but not taking any responsibility for anything.  I can’t deal with this relationship at all.

Finally– Hannah, whose UTI is the namesake of the episode.  When she goes to the ER for said UTI, she is greeted by a doctor she had a one-night stand with.  As if things weren’t embarrassing enough, he starts advising her to pee after sex and casually drops it in that she’s pregnant.  He gets a little too personal asking who the father is (surf camp guy), hugging her, and offering to help facilitate the abortion.  Hannah declines, unsure what she wants, and goes home only to find Jessa & Adam waiting for her.  They’ve decided to make a film on the situation between themselves and Hannah.  Hannah, to her credit, tells them to do whatever they want.

So, Hannah’s pregnancy is what this final season will be all about.  I don’t think this is a bad idea… it’s just one I hadn’t seen coming.  To me, after such an icky episode, this sad one doesn’t do much for me.  I’m interested in seeing Shoshanna’s conflict with Jessa, seeing Marnie face Ray, and seeing Hannah and Jessa interact… sounds like we’ll at least get that one soon!


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