Girls: All I Ever Wanted


Okay, so this post is a smidge later than intended… but can I just say, it adds insult to injury that I had to watch this beachy episode during a Boston blizzard.

We focus mostly on Hannah, who has found writing success with her piece about losing her best friend to her ex-boyfriend.  She gets an assignment in which a magazine sends her to the Hamptons to a bougie surf camp.  To me, this sounds awesome, but the magazine selects Hannah purely because she is so out of place in that environment.  No one deals with success worse than Hannah.  She puts no effort in, but manages to have a tryst with the instructor that puts her surprisingly at ease and even makes her like the beach!  Her failures manage to be hilarious, but she actually is my nightmare while she’s downing drinks.  Despite some nice moments, I don’t believe that the season will be without Hannah disasters.

Speaking of disasters, I don’t even want to see Jessa anymore.  She and Adam are so gross.  They literally have no regard for other humans, do they?

Marnie is the secondary storyline.  She and Ray and still together.  They call each other baby about a million times.  Marnie seems to be attempting to make good decisions, saying that since she’s in the midst of a divorce, Ray shouldn’t be living with her.  She probably should’ve told Ray this before he’d been there for months, though.  Since Jessa & Adam are awful, Ray can’t stay there and ends up staying with Shosh, which Marnie rightly (in my opinion) finds weird.  In classic Marnie fashion, she allows herself a kiss with Desi.  Desi is SUCH a mess and Marnie would have to be crazy to pursue music with him still… which clearly she is.

I’m ready for so much more Shoshanna next time!  I think she’s the only one I’m not dreading decisions from right now.  Thoughts?!

One comment

  1. I get the sense that the Marnie/Ray/Shosh triangle is going to be an actual thing this season. That scene where Ray and Shosh were talking about the paper was such a contrast to Marnie and Ray’s conversation after they had sex, it must be setting something up. (Also, it’s so Marnie to say “her manic energy isn’t welcome here” rather than “staying with your ex-girlfriend, who is also my friend is mega weird, so figure something else out”)

    I was into the Hannah storyline but Paul-Louis reminded me of a good friend and it kept weirding me out. That is no fault of the episode though or the story, both of which were great!

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