Top Chef: Just Don’t Suck

Fresh off a win, Sylva is feeling “a little unstoppable,” which he thinks is a bad thing.  The six remaining chefs are met in the stew room by Tom Colicchio himself!  He promises a treat for them since they’ve been working hard.  They meet him at a marina the next day and they’re going out shrimping!  Even Brooke with her boat-phobia has a great time.

Padma is waiting for them when they dock.  It’s Quickfire time!  They’re obviously making a shrimp dish, which is not news to them, but the fact that it’s a Sudden Death Quickfire is!  The chefs struggle a little bit being outside their kitchen.  Sylva complains about opening a can with his $400 knife and Shirley is a little loopy from the motion sickness medication she took to brave the boat.

The three chefs with Tom & Padma’s least favorite dishes are facing off for elimination.  Sheldon is definitely safe, producing the best dish.  Casey, Shirley, and Sylva are going to have to fight to stay in the competition.  For the cookoff, the three are to use the other things they caught during their shrimping trip– squid, skate, and the like.  It’s a close fight, but Casey is eliminated for chewy calamari.

Phew, all that before the episode’s main challenge!  Padma says it’s time to have fun with your food.  The creator of the cronut, Chef Domanique Ansel, comes out to talk about brunch.  The chefs are to put on a brunch– the judges aren’t looking for anything traditional, but for unique mash-ups.  Man, this sounds hard!  (Slash, I really want to try Tom fois grasffle.)

Here’s what they make:


Shirley’s dim sum play does well, though there are comments that the beef inside is a bit dry.


Sylva meant to make a frittata, but ended up with a scramble ’cause things just weren’t working out.


I know Brooke was preoccupied thinking her previous dish would’ve been perfect for this challenge, but I just don’t know what she was thinking with this one.


I liked John’s idea… I would order this.


I would also order this.

Though it was not the chefs’ best day, Sheldon & Shirley’s dishes worked for the judges.  Shirley takes the win!  There is a lot of argument about Sylva and Brooke’s dishes– one poorly executed, the other poorly conceived.  Either way, I knew I was about to be sad… Sylva, the last rookie standing, was asked to pack his knives and go.

I’m a little disappointed that it’s just the second chance season now.  I hate to see that.  Sylva is the true champion to me.  What do you think?


  1. I spent this weekend getting caught up on Top Chef, and went to bed dreaming about Shirley’s cheese burger dumpling. That is a thing I would order in a heart beat

    1. my fiancé’s family’s chinese restaurant actually makes something pretty similar to shirley’s cheeseburger dumplings! it’s their best selling item!

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