Top Chef: Ah Spicy, Ah Ginger! Next!

It’s the episode I’ve been waiting for!  Michael Voltaggio guest judges for a very fun Quickfire– the blindfolded taste test!  This is one of my favorite challenges from the best of the Gordon Ramsay shows, so I always like seeing it.

When all is said and done, Emily, Silva, and Shirley named the fewest ingredients.  Brooke, Sheldon, and Casey did the best.  Sheldon got 10, Casey got 11, and Brooke crushed the competition with 16!  (John goes unmentioned in the middle of the pack.)

The challenge for the week is to create a meal that is reminiscent of your childhood.  Here’s what the chefs create:


John’s scampi receives plenty of praise from Graham & Tom.


Padma & Michael think Casey’s could use a pinch of sea salt.


Tom eventually calls Brooke’s dish the best brunch item he’s ever eaten.


Shirley’s lamb is not cut small enough; Padma & Mike have to borrow her knife to cut it.


Emily’s cake suffers from being an actual replica of her grandfather’s dish, not an elevated version.


Sheldon tells the story of how his family didn’t even waste tea which says a lot, but the dish says even more!


The judges are impressed by how light Sylva’s dish feels!  (Oops, someone captioned this wrong, huh?)

Everyone feels good about their dishes, and the judges agree!  Their favorites were Sheldon, Brooke, and Sylva.  Sylva takes the win!

John again goes awkwardly unmentioned in the middle.  The bottom of the pack is sadly Shirley, (who assumes she just takes bigger bites than everyone,) Casey, (who is shocked at how harshly they are judging her minor under-seasoning,) and Emily, who is asked to pack her knives and go.

Guys, we knew Emily would be next, didn’t we?  Any guesses for who follows?  I’ve already formed my top 3 in my mind… have you?!


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