Day: January 9, 2017

Top Chef: Cooking with Your Soul

With only 11 chefs left, the Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek Murthymeets them to introduce the Quickfire Challenge.  Their challenge is to make classic comfort foods healthy.  And, since Padma thinks it’s a bit easy, these meals are going to have to be vegetarian.  To add a physical aspect, the chefs are only allowed to grab one ingredient at a time… that’s a lot of running back and forth!

After the tasting is done, Vivek calls out Sylva, Casey, and Katsuji as his least favorites.  Emily, Jamie, and Brooke get called out for the top spots, and Jamie takes the Quickfire win!

The elimination challenge is a tribute to Edna Lewis, a pioneer Southern chef.  Alexander Smalls and Toni Tipton-Martin come to educate the chefs about Edna Lewis, who Padma likens to Julia Child-level influence of Southern cuisine.  The chefs draw inspiration from her cookbook, too.

Here’s what they come up with:

At the top of the pack, we have Jim, Sylva, and Sheldon.  Sylva takes the win!

Amanda, Emily, and Brooke find themselves on the chopping block.  Tom says there was once fish that didn’t give them that feeling associated with Southern cooking… and it’s Amanda who packs her knives!

I can’t say I’m too surprised… but I’m so glad Brooke lives to fight another day!