Day: January 2, 2017

Top Chef: What if it’s not biscuits?

The most recent episode of Top Chef opened with a hilarious Quickfire.  With Padma no where to be seen, the chefs walk in to a set time clock and no direction.  When the clock suddenly starts running down and the pantry opens, the chefs snap into action.  Well, it’s more of a we should cook, right?! attitude.  I hate to admit it, but I’d probably be one of the ones saying, “but is this what they want us to do?!”  Brooke is in my school of thought and yells, “We can’t just decide our own challenge!”

It’s Sylva who figures out it’s a biscuit challenge.  Padma’s voice broadcasts to them, Charlie’s Angels style, when their biscuit challenge is almost complete.  At the bottom of the pack, Shirley, Jim, and Sheldon– who admittedly, just watched Brooke to see how to make a biscuit.  The best of the bunch were Brooke, Katsuji, and Jamie.  Brooke wins the Quickfire and immunity for herself!

The elimination challenge switches gears to slow and low– barbecue!  The chefs arrange themselves into three teams of four.  It’s worth noting that it’s Italian chef Silvia’s birthday, and there is a birthday curse on Top Chef…  It’s a long challenge, because barbecue.  Sheldon continues to have a bad day and sneaks away for a quick MRI but returns.

The yellow team– John, Emily, Brooke, and Sheldon– impresses.


The red team– Jim, Shirley, Jamie, and Casey– also puts up a solid spread.


The green team– Sylva, Silvia, Katsuji, and Amanda– is a little all over the place.


John’s mac and cheese wins the day.  Though he either forgot or misplaced his flour, Katsuji was nice enough to give him some xantham gum to create this dish.  Despite his good deed, Katsuji’s team is on the bottom and Silvia is taken out by the birthday curse… and her potato salad, which was unrecognizable as potato salad to the Southern guests.

I can’t believe the birthday curse claimed another one!  Thoughts?