Top Chef: Best Meal Ever

Last week’s Quickfire was a play on the mise en place relay.  After drawing knives, the chefs split into a Blue team of Sheldon, Brooke, Jim, Shirley, Sylva, Emily, and Jamie and a Green team of Sam, Katsuji, BJ, Casey, Amanda, John, and Silvia.  The must peel & mince 5 oz garlic, finely dice 2 quarts of onions, properly turn artichokes, peel & devein shrimp, shuck clams, and cook!  The best dish wins.

Katsuji and Sheldon are their teams MVPs, both finishing the onions first and moving on to each station to help pull them through.  Blue wins!

For the Quickfire, the same teams work to create a 7 course progressive dinner and each course faced off head-to-head.  The losers of the head-to-head challenges on the losing team will be up for elimination.  Each course must also feature guest judge Chris Cosentino’s favorite ingredient, radishes!

The chefs serve:

Emily (Blue) vs. Sam (Green) |  Emily wins; one point for Blue!


Jim (Blue) vs. Katsuji (Green) | Katsuji wins; one point for Green!


Jamie (Blue) vs. BJ (Green) | Jamie wins, bringing Blue back into the lead!


Sylva (Blue) vs. Casey (Green) | Silva wins and makes Blue just a win away from taking it all!


Shirley (Blue) vs. Amanda (Green) | Amanda wins, keeping Green in the game!


Sheldon (Blue) vs. John (Green) |  John wins, tying the game again!


Brooke (Blue) vs. Silvia (Green) | Brooke wins and Blue wins it all!


Despite the winners and losers, it’s very stiff competition!  Padma calls it the best meal ever on Top Chef!

Sylva and Brooke are the top two, but Brooke wins!  She gets vindication for the dessert she never got to serve against Kristen Kish in the final and rival Mei Lin’s dessert for Tom’s title of best dessert ever served on Top Chef.

Silvia, Casey, Sam, and BJ all lost their head-to-heads and thus were up for elimination.  Sam is sent packing his knives to Last Chance Kitchen.  It’s a little bit of a shock to see Sam out this early… thoughts?!

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