Sun & Moon so far

A little over a week into Alola adventures, I’m ready to dish about generation 7!  I beat the main game the first weekend, completed the ultra beast missions the next day, and largely put the game down for the work week.  Last weekend, I completed the little Eeveelution quest, scooped up my Cosmog, and captured my second Tapu– just two to go!  I’m pretty much loving these game, though!


They did such a great job creating a cohesive, yet diverse region.  My favorite part of this game is when the captains & kahunas all dance together… y’all know what I’m talking about.  I also just love Z-powered Lillie.  Being able to add pokémon to your party instantly is a great feature– why did it take us so long to get this?  I love PokéPelago too, though I’ve not quite figured out that hot spring island yet.  Obviously, I’ve got a little work to do, but I thought it might be fun to try my tag again now!

Which Version: Moon right now, only have played Sun to get the other starters into my main game.

Played On: Hyrule Gold New 3DS!

Starter Pokémon: Poplio!

Favorite Town: Konikoni City and Malie City are my favorites!

Favorite Gym Leader: I’m going to go with favorite Z Crystal keeper– hands down, Mina!  She isn’t really a trial captain or a kahuna or anything, but she was super cool.  The way she hands over the Fairium Z isn’t the most ceremonious, but she’s quite the battler as we find out later!  Plus, did you come across her house?  Her art supplies and her parents!  She’s just a cool wandering artist, I love her.

Favorite Pokémon: Stuffel, Sandygast/Palossand, Shiinotic, and Mimikyu are my favorite new additions!

Favorite Legendary: Cosmog is pretty cute.  The Zygarde collecting makes some pretty adorable pup form too.

Proudest Moment: I think getting through that Ultra Beast quest and not running out of beast balls was great.  I’m also super pleased I found a Mimikyu as quickly as I did!

Most Embarrassing Moment: I accidentally ran from my first Tapu Koko battle.  Not realizing I could come back and fight him later, I restarted and had to battle the Elite Four champion all over again.

Master Ball Used On: Necrozma.  May I recommend Max Repel for this.

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