Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire

The Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon is on.  From now until November 18th, I’m taking a nostalgic walk through the Pokémon main series releases until the beautiful day I get my hands on the next Pokémon adventure!


And now the time has come– we’re talking about my current favorite: ORAS!  I’ve already gushed about my love for Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, so the news of Hoenn remakes made me happier than I can describe.

Bringing back Pokémon Contests also made me super happy; sure, we’re not berry blending which isn’t as great if you ask me, but all and all I loved this little side quest and was happy to see it back as part of the storyline.  Cosplay Pikachu, I always thought I could take or leave, but I love the black tipped tail and I officially want all of my Pikachu to be Cosplay Pikachu.

Soaring was an absolutely AMAZING addition to the game, which brings me to the best thing: the fact that you can encounter most legendaries makes the post-game the most fun.  This is what made me finish Black/White/Black2/White2 in the end: amassing all my legendaries together!

This tag is going to be quick, since the time for Sun and Moon is very near…

Which Version: Alpha Sapphires, then Omega Ruby.

Played On: Hyrule Gold New 3DS!

Starter Pokémon: Torchic.

Favorite Town: Slateport & Pacifidlog, but Sootopilis, Dewford, and Lilycove are great too.

Favorite Gym Leader: Tate and Liza are actually awesome, I love that Solrock/Lunatone combo.

Favorite Pokémon: I’ve said ’em all before.  This is the ultimate game, you guys.  All of your favorites are here.

Favorite Legendary: Cresselia!  This is the first time I caught this beauty.

Proudest Moment: Finding all of those legendaries in the post-game.  Completing my legendary collection and now, completing my mythical collection!

Most Embarrassing Moment: The amount of hours I’ve played on Alpha Sapphire is probably shameful.

Master Ball Used On: Deoxys– another first catch for me!

So quick, tell me how much you love ORAS!  And tell me you’re so psyched for tomorrow…

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