X and Y

The Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon is on.  From now until November 18th, I’m taking a nostalgic walk through the Pokémon main series releases until the beautiful day I get my hands on the next Pokémon adventure!


After generation 5, you can see why I’d be nervous for a new generation.  I had looked forward to 5, and was just meh.  I still looked forward to 6, and my faith in Pokémon was completely restored.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a little cheesy that Kalos is supposed to be Paris, or whatever.  Kalos reminded me of Unova in uncomfortable ways too.  Gameplay, though, was improved– battles were smoother, saving was smoother, the roller skates were maybe not my favorite feature but hey, whatever.

The storyline was much more engaging, even if Team Flare was ridiculous.  Your friends/rival were pretty neat to have around sometimes, even if they wanted to give you a stupid nickname.  The region worked better for me.  The new Pokémon worked better for me.  I was back, baby!

Now the tag!

Which Version: White 2.  X first, then Y.

Played On: My aqua 3DS!

Starter Pokémon: Fennekin!

Favorite Town: I like little Shalhour City, Ambrette Town, and Geosenge Town.

Favorite Gym Leader: Valerie.

Favorite Pokémon: Sylveon!  Flabébé & evolutions, Amaura, and Klefki!

Favorite Legendary: Xerneas!

Proudest Moment: Beating the elite 4, catching Mewtwo.

Most Embarrassing Moment: This wasn’t the simplest Elite 4 for me.

Master Ball Used On: Mewtwo and Zygarde.

Now I want to hear from you!  Tell me all your thoughts on generation 6!

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