Black 2, White 2

The Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon is on.  From now until November 18th, I’m taking a nostalgic walk through the Pokémon main series releases until the beautiful day I get my hands on the next Pokémon adventure!


To pick up where my generation 5 disappointment left off, Black 2 and White 2 did not improve on anything for me to engage me with this generation.  I wasn’t into Unova.  I did pre-order both of these games with the full intention of finally getting into them this time.  I didn’t.  I didn’t get through these games until after X and Y.  Actually, until ORAS.

This is the first and only time a generation has remade both their games instead of added a third, souped up version.  If this had been any other generation, I can see myself liking that choice.

All that being said, I got through White 2 before I got through Black.  I struggled in Black and I had a slightly easier time in White 2, despite the added challenge of N’s Castle.  It was getting through White 2 that finally pushed me to finish Black.  Ultimately, I returned to the generation 5 games for the legendaries they offer.

So, the tag!

Which Version: White 2.  It seemed like everyone preferred White over Black, so when the new versions came out, I went with White 2.  It worked out, because I was able to capture both Zekrom and Reshiram that way to transfer forward.

Played On: Same pink DS Lite.

Starter Pokémon: Tepig.  I didn’t even realize I had written Pokabu before.

Favorite Town: Opelucid City was cooler in White/White 2.

Favorite Gym Leader: I like how much differs from Black to White, so it was nice to meet Iris even though I might prefer Drayden.

Favorite Pokémon: I started to come around to Gothita & evolutions.

Favorite Legendary: Kyurem!

Proudest Moment: Finding myself engaged in the story, finally, in N’s Castle.

Most Embarrassing Moment: It took me another generation to play this game?

Master Ball Used On: Zekrom.

Now I want to hear from you!  What did you think of Black 2/White 2?

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