FireRed, LeafGreen


The Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon is on.  From now until November 18th, I’m taking a nostalgic walk through the Pokémon main series releases until the beautiful day I get my hands on the next Pokémon adventure!

So, we’re still in generation three here.  Technically, FireRed & LeafGreen came out before Emerald version, but I kept Emerald with Ruby and Sapphire because it made more sense.

FireRed and LeafGreen were the first remakes, solidifying generation 3 as my absolute favorite.  Our first Pokémon adventure through Kanto was so special, why wouldn’t we want to live it again?  With improved gameplay, that is!

Now for my tag, which is going to be a little redundant for these ones…

Which Version: FireRed first, LeafGreen much later.

Played On: That same Pink Gameboy Advance.

Starter Pokémon: Charmander both times this time!

Favorite Town: I’ve already answered this with Celadon, but in truth, so many Kanto locations are my favorite.  It was really nice to see these places in full color.

Favorite Gym Leader: I started to think Sabrina may actually be the coolest one.

Favorite Pokémon: Charizard– so nice to have as my partner again!!

Favorite Legendary: In this game, the roaming legendary beast, which was in my case, Suicune!

Proudest Moment: Getting to the Sevii Islands, something completely new and exciting!  The game wouldn’t have been as exciting without this little addition.

Most Embarrassing Moment: How long it took me to pick up these games…

Master Ball Used On: Suicune; I did not have the patience for the roaming, whereas I could take my time to catch (aka save and hurl Ultra Balls at) the others.

Now I want to hear from you!  Join me in my countdown and tell me about your days playing the first remakes!

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