Red, Blue, Yellow

The Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon is on.  From now until November 18th, I’m taking a nostalgic walk through the Pokémon main series releases until the beautiful day I get my hands on the next Pokémon adventure!

Today, we’re taking Red version, Blue version, and Yellow version!


I guess this is kind of an origin story.  I was 9 years old.  My parents purchased Pokémon Red off of some employee’s recommendation for my brother, who had just turned 7.  His reading skills or his patience weren’t up for this text-heavy game, so it fell into my hands.  The rest is history.

Eventually, when the Pokémon craze took over, Blue was bought for me and I handed a Red back off.  (Note: today, I maintain ownership of this game cartridge and my now 25-year-old brother can’t ever have it back.)  I was the only one who had any interest in Yellow.

So, let’s talk about this gen 1 round-up:

Which Version: This is the only set that I played all three equally

Played On: Original effing GameBoy, the big gray brick. ❤

Starter Pokémon: Charmander for Red, Squirtle for Blue, Pikachu for Yellow (obvi)

Favorite Town: Celadon City — the shopping center!

Favorite Gym Leader: Erika

Favorite Pokémon: My starters forever– Charmander, Charizard, Squirtle, Blastoise.  I was SO interested in the Eeveelutions; I first went with Vaporeon.  I also loved Lapras.

Favorite Legendary: Moltres or Articuno.

Proudest Moment: Back when I only had Red, I remember beating the last three gym leaders and the Elite Four in one sitting.  I was playing on Super Gameboy on SNES and my brother was watching.  I felt invincible.

Most Embarrassing Moment: I was legitimately stuck in Cerulean City for WEEKS before I figured out how to get out… but that’s not even it.

Master Ball Used On: In Red, Ponyta.  I got excited.  That’s actually my most embarrassing moment.  In Blue/Yellow, Mewtwo.

Now I want to hear from you!  Fill out my little tag and relive all your Red/Blue/Yellow Memories.

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