Alex & Ani: Numerology

This Alex & Ani addict is dying for a trip to the Newbury Street store– the holiday collections are just calling my name!  I’m surprised, though, at how interested I am in the Numerology Collection.  What I love about Alex & Ani is how much these little symbols inspire me, and I think everyone feels tied to specific numbers.

These numbers go beyond your birthdate– each makes a statement, so here’s my when-to-wear guide!  Also, since the holiday season is right around the corner, I’ve included a gift guide here too!


Number 1 |  Drive, Independence, Direction

Don’t think of one as the loneliest number; think of it as the number of beginnings!  It embodies motivation, innovation, and self-reliance.

Wear this when: You feel like you’re your own best friend, and you’re good with that

Gift this to: Your most independent friend, who’s always marching to the beat of her own drummer

Number 2 | Sensitive, Grace, Comfort

Two is for duality and partnerships.  People who embody this number are empathetic, intuitive, and always providing support and encouragement.

Wear this when: Your emotions get the best of you, and you’re in need of some comfort

Gift this to: The friend who’s always there for you, your emotional support, the yin to your yang

Number 3 | Intuition, Wholeness, Creativity

Three is the number of creation and artists.  The number encompasses the mind, body, and spirit; or past, present, and future.  Imaginative, talented, dynamic people embody this number.

Wear this when: You need some inspiration to get through a project or creative endeavor

Gift this to: Your creative friend who’s always talking about her spiritual journey

Number 4 | Grounded, Precise, Trust

People who embody the number four are down to earth, practical, and believe in hard work and careful planning.  Four is the number of the builder and the productive, the grounded, the strong-minded who see value in tradition.

Wear this when: You’re unsure of what you’re doing and need to believe that you’re headed in the right direction

Gift this to: Capricorns; your most practical friend who works hard and stays realistic

Number 5 | Adventure, Free, Variety

Five is the number of the adventurer.  These people seek variety and freedom from routine.  They are unconventional and spontaneous, and never quite stay still.

Wear this when: You’re about to start a new adventure

Gift this to: Your friend who’s always travelling

Number 6 | Love, Healing, Support

Six is for service, family, friendship, and home.  People who embody this number are nurturers and caregivers– generous, reliable, dependable, responsible, always looking to protect and teach.

Wear this when: You’re going through a hard time in your personal life

Gift this to: The mom of your friend group who’s always looking out for others

Number 7 | Mystical, Wisdom, Divinity

Not just a lucky number, seven is the most mystical, spiritual, and scholarly.  Truth-seekers and information-gatherers embody this number.  Introspection, alone time, good books, and the great outdoors invoke this number.

Wear this when: You need to rejuvinate your soul

Gift this to: The friend that’s always telling you things are a sign, and always seems to be right

Number 8 | Strength, Expertise, Success

Eight is the number of abundance and authority.  People who embody this number are driven, successful at work, and can harmonize different parts of their life.  They are also known to be athletic achievers.

Wear this when: You have a big presentation coming up at work, or some kind of athletic endeavor upcoming

Gift this to: Your friend who just got a big promotion

Number 9 | Noble, Wordly, Kind

Nine is the number of divine completion, the beginning and end.  People who embody this number feel a connection to the world and want to make it a better place.  They are volunteers, social workers, or just selfless givers.

Wear this when: You’re feeling especially connected to the world around you

Gift this to: The friend who’s always volunteering, fund-raising, or just posting on Facebook about causes she cares about

For more on these numbers and to see the rest of the Numerology Collection, visit Alex & Ani’s website.  Which number(s) do you embody?!

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