Sun and Moon: Demo Thoughts

Pokémon Sun & Moon’s demo came out just a couple of days ago.  It was a busy Tuesday night for me– I had a vlog to edit and dinner plans, but the desire to download the demo was just too strong.

I managed to get everything done & finish (I think?) the demo.  Here are my thoughts on the demo and Sun & Moon now that we are less than a month away!

The Demo was short.  And easy.  The Greninja didn’t hurt there.  How do I get this Ash Greninja into my game later?  Let me know in the comments!

What I liked was of course, starting a new Pokémon adventure.  The story of the demo was very linear and straight-forward, thus beating your first trial is an actual piece of cake.  Seeing new Pokémon is always exciting.  Unfortunately, the only one I came across in the wild was Pikipek.  I really loved that it starts showing you how effective your moves will be against your opponent!  This is super helpful for someone who doesn’t have type charts memorized.


Thanks to data mining, we have the entire Pokédex & shiny sprites!  This alone gets me pretty amped to play the full game.  I’m particularly interested in the pre-evolutions of the legendary Pokémon.  And, I’m officially Team Popplio!

I do worry, though, about these Ultra Beasts.  Though Nintendo’s confirmed we can catch them, I assume that officially makes them Pokémon.  So, like what’s the deal?  I’m sincerely hoping they aren’t human transmogrifications…

Thoughts?!  Ideas?!  Demo feelings?!  Tell me things!

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