Watch List: Fall 2016 Anime


Summer is definitely over, and so is summer anime.  I was living a happy life of Shokugeki and Sweetness & Lightning, but the days of new weekly episodes are done and I’m embarking on a whole new season of anime, with boyfriend as my guide.

Matt has his own to-watch list, which includes Haikyuu.  I’ll be joining him for that one, since I’m all caught up for the third season.  My interests are a little different, though. Here’s what I want to watch this season:

Occultic;Nine | I asked Matt to look at the list of fall anime and pick the one that sounds the most me.  This is that one.  From what I can tell so far, as it hasn’t premiered yet, it’s a paranormal investigation series.  There’s a blogger, there’s science fiction, I’m so there!  Matt really liked Steins;Gate, (which I’ve just started watching,) so he thinks it should be a good one.

Magical Girl Raising Project | This girl loves magical girls almost as much as the main character of this series.  It’s a little more Hunger Games than Sailor Moon, though.  Magical Girl Raising Project is a game that’s rumored to girl some girls real magical girl powers.  That’s exactly what happens to Koyuki, who becomes one of 16 magical girls in her city.  Then suddenly, the number of magical girls in the city must be cut down to half… The first episode pacing was a little rough, but that’s to be expected to set up this plot.  The real action should start now.

Poco’s Udon World | I think it’s safe to say we love food and food anime.  Without Shokugeki and Sweetness & Lightning, we’re dying to see this one.  It looks super cute, as it seems to feature the foodie adventures of a web designer and a strange little raccoon-boy.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance | This is the show Matt thought I meant was the most me, which is embarrassing, but also kind of accurate.  Okay, it’s super accurate because in the world of this show, art becomes magic!  Everyone in this show has their own art.  It looks like complete fluff, but I totally believe in this one so I’m hanging in there.

Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yujin-cho Go) | I guess this is actually the fourth season of Natsume’s Book of Friends, but I watched the first episode of Go without an issue.  I’m going back and watching the whole series now!  This show is perfect for me; it follows Natsume who inherited his grandmother’s “book of friends” which holds the names of yokai she met.  Natsume, like his grandmother, can see yokai.  His mission is to give them back their names.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with these and anything else I watch!  What you watching this season?!

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