Month: October 2016

October, Over and Out


Happy Halloween, guys!  I can’t believe how fast this year is going by.  I mean, tomorrow basically starts the holiday season, doesn’t it?

It seemed like October flew by!  I did enjoy:

[1] A weekend trip [2] apple picking in New York [3] fall foliage with a side of a matching Vespa [4] discovering this little bridge has been named for David Ortiz [5] an awesome pokémon card pull! [6] some spooky weather around my favorite public art installation [7] a quick trip to Nashville [8] tons of jack-o-lanterns (stay tuned for this vlog!) [9] and reading again!  I finished Magonia yesterday and absolutely loved it.

I’m psyched for November, which is my favorite month because it means my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is coming!  Also, SUN & MOON is just 18 days away!  What are you looking forward to in November?

Autumn B&BW Haul


This is a candle haul in disguise, basically.  Full disclosure: I bought this all in September on a 90 degree day (it could’ve been late August for all I remember) and am just getting around to sharing it with you!  Better late than never.

Bath & Body works just happened to have 2 for $24 3-wick candles when I went in looking for more wallflower refills.  Everyone knows this is the best time to buy these babies!  I came home with 4 wallflower refills and 5 candles, all delightfully autumn-scented.

For the wallflowers, I selected: Sweater Weather, which I bought in candle form last year, Autumn Sky, a candle contender, Harvest Gathering, and Flannel!

The candles I chose this year were:

Flannel: Yes, I doubled-down on the Flannel.  I decided too late last year I wanted this scent, so I knew I wanted to pick it up this year.  This is a pretty masculine scent; even my boyfriend loves it.

Pumpkin French Toast: Ugh, they had such cute packaging this year!  Pumpkin French Toast was one of their new pumpkin combinations.  Since I love pumpkin and boyfriend loves maple, this was obviously coming home with me.

Pumpkin Woods: Another new pumpkin scent and another adorable package!  I love, love, love woodsy scents.  This can easily transition into a holiday scent.

Cider Lane: This smells exactly like a caramel apple!  The apple is actually pretty subtle, so it really just smells like the caramel on a caramel apple.  It might not be quite cider to me, but it does conjure up images of fall.

Woodland Forest: This is that beautiful marble jar you see above.  It was not part of the 2 for $24 deal, (otherwise I’d have six candles!) in fact, it was a bit more expensive than a regular 3-wick candle.  These marble jars were so beautiful I would’ve bought them all, had it not been for the price!  Woodland Forest smells like magic to me, an enchanted, light scent that I can burn all year round!

I know I’m late, but what are your go-to autumn scents?


Alex & Ani: Numerology

This Alex & Ani addict is dying for a trip to the Newbury Street store– the holiday collections are just calling my name!  I’m surprised, though, at how interested I am in the Numerology Collection.  What I love about Alex & Ani is how much these little symbols inspire me, and I think everyone feels tied to specific numbers.

These numbers go beyond your birthdate– each makes a statement, so here’s my when-to-wear guide!  Also, since the holiday season is right around the corner, I’ve included a gift guide here too!



Sun and Moon: Demo Thoughts

Pokémon Sun & Moon’s demo came out just a couple of days ago.  It was a busy Tuesday night for me– I had a vlog to edit and dinner plans, but the desire to download the demo was just too strong.

I managed to get everything done & finish (I think?) the demo.  Here are my thoughts on the demo and Sun & Moon now that we are less than a month away!

The Demo was short.  And easy.  The Greninja didn’t hurt there.  How do I get this Ash Greninja into my game later?  Let me know in the comments!

What I liked was of course, starting a new Pokémon adventure.  The story of the demo was very linear and straight-forward, thus beating your first trial is an actual piece of cake.  Seeing new Pokémon is always exciting.  Unfortunately, the only one I came across in the wild was Pikipek.  I really loved that it starts showing you how effective your moves will be against your opponent!  This is super helpful for someone who doesn’t have type charts memorized.


Thanks to data mining, we have the entire Pokédex & shiny sprites!  This alone gets me pretty amped to play the full game.  I’m particularly interested in the pre-evolutions of the legendary Pokémon.  And, I’m officially Team Popplio!

I do worry, though, about these Ultra Beasts.  Though Nintendo’s confirmed we can catch them, I assume that officially makes them Pokémon.  So, like what’s the deal?  I’m sincerely hoping they aren’t human transmogrifications…

Thoughts?!  Ideas?!  Demo feelings?!  Tell me things!

Essie Gel Couture


Lately, nothing compares to Essie Gel Couture.  I love this nail polish, guys.

Let me start by saying I’ve never gotten a gel manicure before in my life.  I own far too many bottles of nail polish to pay someone else to do them.  I have tried the at-home version before with a brand I thought I liked.  I bought the special polish and the special gel top coat but I actually found the quality to be worse than if I did regular polish & regular top coat.  I thought I’d never bother trying again.

Something about Essie swayed me though, and I picked up the Gel Couture color Pre-Show Jitters. It was the exact color I was looking for; though it’s technically white, there’s just a slight pink hue.  I picked up the Gel Couture top coat too, and instantly it felt different than my previous foray into at-home gel manicures.

I loved the color and rocked Gel Couture at a wedding I went to recently.  I didn’t notice a single chip or scratch, despite doing my nails 3 days before the event.  When I do my nails, I usually get a good week out of a manicure– usually 5 days and I push it to 7 with some chips and scratches.  With Gel Couture, I went a full 2 weeks without a chip.  They looked completely fresh for a good 10 days, with maybe some minor scratches by the time day 14 rolled around.

I’ve done my nails many times since then, but I keep thinking about that Gel Couture… and I can’t wait to add new colors to my collection!

Get yourself some Essie Gel Couture now and thank me later.

Watch List: Fall 2016 Anime


Summer is definitely over, and so is summer anime.  I was living a happy life of Shokugeki and Sweetness & Lightning, but the days of new weekly episodes are done and I’m embarking on a whole new season of anime, with boyfriend as my guide.

Matt has his own to-watch list, which includes Haikyuu.  I’ll be joining him for that one, since I’m all caught up for the third season.  My interests are a little different, though. Here’s what I want to watch this season:

Occultic;Nine | I asked Matt to look at the list of fall anime and pick the one that sounds the most me.  This is that one.  From what I can tell so far, as it hasn’t premiered yet, it’s a paranormal investigation series.  There’s a blogger, there’s science fiction, I’m so there!  Matt really liked Steins;Gate, (which I’ve just started watching,) so he thinks it should be a good one.

Magical Girl Raising Project | This girl loves magical girls almost as much as the main character of this series.  It’s a little more Hunger Games than Sailor Moon, though.  Magical Girl Raising Project is a game that’s rumored to girl some girls real magical girl powers.  That’s exactly what happens to Koyuki, who becomes one of 16 magical girls in her city.  Then suddenly, the number of magical girls in the city must be cut down to half… The first episode pacing was a little rough, but that’s to be expected to set up this plot.  The real action should start now.

Poco’s Udon World | I think it’s safe to say we love food and food anime.  Without Shokugeki and Sweetness & Lightning, we’re dying to see this one.  It looks super cute, as it seems to feature the foodie adventures of a web designer and a strange little raccoon-boy.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance | This is the show Matt thought I meant was the most me, which is embarrassing, but also kind of accurate.  Okay, it’s super accurate because in the world of this show, art becomes magic!  Everyone in this show has their own art.  It looks like complete fluff, but I totally believe in this one so I’m hanging in there.

Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yujin-cho Go) | I guess this is actually the fourth season of Natsume’s Book of Friends, but I watched the first episode of Go without an issue.  I’m going back and watching the whole series now!  This show is perfect for me; it follows Natsume who inherited his grandmother’s “book of friends” which holds the names of yokai she met.  Natsume, like his grandmother, can see yokai.  His mission is to give them back their names.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with these and anything else I watch!  What you watching this season?!