Restaurant Week: Bastille Kitchen

Okay, so I’m a little late on recapping my Restaurant Week Boston adventures.  The two weeks that were Boston’s summer “Restaurant Week” fell on either end of my San Francisco trip… but of course, I found time to go!

Matt chose our restaurant week destination, Bastille Kitchen.  I’ve been here for dinner before and have been mentioning the desire to have brunch here too.

The prix fixe menu offered three courses at $38 per person.

The first course offered three choices, but we both selected the tea-steamed mussels.  They came to the table scorching hot, but once they cooled we thoroughly enjoyed!

For the main course, we were again presented with three options.  I chose the steak-frites, while Matt went with the salmon.  The skirt steak was obviously inferior to the short rib Wellington I’d had there before, but it was cooked really well.  Matt, of course, cleaned his plate.

Dessert presented only two choices– I went with the chocolate torte and Matt got the crème brûlée.  The torte was seemingly equal parts mousse to cake with a tang of cherry throughout.  Of his crème brûlée, Matt said, “you wouldn’t like it; don’t try it” with shifty eyes and a full spoon… don’t worry, I manage to snag a bite!  The vanilla really came through.

Our busy travel schedules prevented us from dining out again (you might notice, we’re away again right now!), but what did everyone else try out for Restaurant Week?


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