Travel Bug (US edition)

Three years ago, I had this temp job that hired a lot of co-op students from a local university.  One such student sat behind me and we’d chat on occasion.  She was from Ireland, studying abroad in the US.  While my summer weekends were spent escaping to the beaches of Rhode Island, she travelled the United States.  I quickly realized she’d seen more of my home country than I had!

So, I’ve had this running list of US cities I wanted to visit.  It’s evolved a bit over time, but I decided to post this now, since the travel bug has hit me hard and I’m making real progress!


Chicago, IL – This one’s been checked off already, as you know!  I wanted to visit one of my best friends while she was in graduate school.  I fell in love with Chicago, and think about going back frequently.  You can see the trip here!


Las Vegas, NV – This city landed on my list solely because of Top Chef (my favorite season!) and another place I have already checked off my list!  You can see that trip starting here.


Portland, OR – I was supposed to go to Oregon this year, actually, for work, but circumstances prevented me from going.  I’m not mad about missing that trip– the timing was bad– but I’d still like to visit Portland.


Seattle, WA – Oops another Top Chef city, but did you know I’m a Chihuly fangirl?  That’s part of the reason I was dying to go to Vegas, actually.  Chihuly Gardens is just one of many things that draws me to Seattle.  Matt’s got a friend there, so hopefully we can make this one happen.


New Orleans, LA – All of my Top Chef ramblings apply here, as does my affection for American Horror Story: Coven’s aesthetic.  I just know New Orleans will be fun, foodie, and totally photogenic.


Nashville, TN – Country music is so not me, yet somehow I binged the first few seasons of Nashville without issue.  Acquaintances who have visited tell me you don’t have to be a country music lover to love Nashville, and I’m betting they’re right.


Pittsburgh, PA – I know this one makes no sense, but I have a completely inexplicable draw to the city of Pittsburgh.  I want to go there.  I need to go there.  I’m completely randomly a Steelers fan and I’ve just got to go to Pittsburgh.  I hear the architecture is pretty cool.


Austin, TX – I want to visit all the hipster cities, huh?  Austin is supposed to be weird and delicious and I definitely want to see it.  I’ve been to San Antonio, Dallas, and I’ve got a flight booked to Houston next month, so this one might have to wait.


Zion National Park, UT – So this is not a city, but ever since I saw iJustine’s videos of her visit here, I knew I had to go.  Being from the northeast, this landscape is a complete 180 from what I’m accustomed to.  I’m in awe of it’s beauty, and can’t wait to completely scare myself by hiking here!


San Francisco, CA – I’ve been dying to visit this city since the Top Chef bug bit me, plus I have family in the area!  Pokémon Worlds are there this year, but I found out too late I won’t be able to spectate!  Fingers crossed I can pop in the store, though!  Tickets bought, hotel booked, we are off to San Francisco… right now!

While I’m away, tell me: where are you dying to go?


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