An Open Letter to Pokémon

Re: Entry Restrictions at the 2016 World Championships


I attended Pokémon Worlds last year in Boston as a spectator and had a wonderful time.  Since then, I’ve planned on going to San Francisco for Worlds this year.  Spoiler alert: I pulled the trigger.  I booked flights and a hotel.  I spent money to fly across the country for this event.

One week before said event, this announcement comes out.  I’m pretty upset.  This is probably a huge waste of time and money for a lot of people.  Thankfully, I really want to see San Francisco and will have no trouble occupying my time there.  Still, I’m deeply disappointed.  When it has always been open to the public, you don’t wait until the week prior to announce that it won’t be.  My boyfriend has never been to Worlds before, and now he won’t get to experience it.

I’ve been a pokémon fan for 20 years and that’s no going to change (and let’s be real: Surfing Raichu is adorable), but this is pretty despicable.

Anyone in the same boat as me?  I know people are mad, so let’s hear it!

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