Vans x Nintendo


Guys, my package from Vans arrived this week and I cannot wait to rock these kicks all weekend!  I may have already worn them to work this week.  Obviously, I’ve been scouting out the Vans x Nintendo collaboration for a while and I finally pulled the trigger when I spotted these Princess Peach sneakers in person.  Vans stores didn’t have my size, but I tried on another pair in store and ordered them online.  Now that they’re here, let me show you a few of my favorite things from this collection.


[1] Nintendo Slip-On | Vans slip-ons used to be my everyday shoe back in high school.  There are two Legend of Zelda designs that are actually amazing.  They’re subtle, so I’m embarrassed to say I missed these on my first few passes of the website.

[2] Kids Slip Ons & Sneakers | If you’ve got a small foot, or know a super cool kid to buy for, definitely check out the selection of kids & toddler shoes.  The Yoshi slip-ons and retro controller sneakers are kids only, which is a total bummer– but if you can squeeze into them, they’re slightly less expensive!

[3] Princess Peach Baseball Tee | I’m a sucker for baseball tees and this Princess Peach print in general.  All the clothing items in this line are pretty subtle, which ups they’re cool factor to me and makes me feel okay about wearing this stuff as an adult.

[4] Nintendo Authentic | Here are my Princess Peach sneakers!  They’re perfect.  The big Game Over! on the soles of the shoes were a major selling point to me.  While Princess Peach pink might not be for everyone, Donkey Kong black offers a slightly more subtle option, and Duck Hunt camo was a real temptation for me.

[5] Donkey Kong T-Shirt | Again, I love how subtle this retro Donkey Kong image is.  It wraps around the brand’s name perfectly and really makes me long for my Game Boy.  It also comes in a sweet hoodie which I’d probably prefer.  There’s a similar Mario design too.

To see the whole collaboration, check out the Vans X Nintendo webpage.  Online ordering was a snap, so get to it if you want to rock this amazing collaboration!

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