Alola Updates

More Sun & Moon information was revealed yesterday and I have a lot of thoughts about it.  It looks like there are going to be a lot of changes from previous gameplay.

First, let’s talk about these island trials.  While I already feared four islands may not feel like many, I envision multiple locations to each island.  The idea of island trials doesn’t disturb this, but it does make me question whether or not there will be gyms on Alola.  Island trials followed by a totem (2:1) battle and THEN fighting the island kahuna?  That sounds like a challenge, but a game without gyms?!  This is a complete assumption on my end– here’s hoping this is in addition to the gym format we’re used to.  Still, these could be fun– more like boss battles.

The next new feature I want to discuss is one I’m definitely excited for, Z Moves.  To me, this seems pretty similar to Mega Evolution in that it can only occur once per battle, and a pokémon must hold an item to trigger the ability.  Also similarly, the trainer sports a piece of jewelry, in this case a Z-Ring, in order to use the ability.  While not all pokémon achieve Mega Evolution, it looks like all pokémon can use a Z Move.  There is one for each type.  To summon these, you apparently have to dance.  The question here is, will there also be Mega Evolution in Alola?  I’m thinking yes, but has this been confirmed?

Finally, something weird: new typing for a few Kanto pokémon thriving in Alola.  Exeggutor has a much longer neck here in this island region and gets a secondary Dragon typing for it.  Oddly, thriving for Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, and Sandslash gives them Ice typing.  Vulpix and Ninetales look super cool all frosty and misty, but I’m not sure how this is conducive to the climate in the region at all… oh well.  What do you guys think about this?

There are also a slew of new pokémon, one in particular that I’m really excited about: Oricoro.  Each island has a different form of Oricoro and they all have adorable different dance moves!  I’m totally going to collect them all.  Minior looks pretty cool too.


Alright guys, thoughts?!

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