Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 11


Let’s start by saying that I am psyched to see Sailor Saturn (finally!) in this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal.  Unfortunately, that means it’s the end of the season of my favorite arc… in the original anime, anyway, and I’m not feeling the same warm & fuzzies.

Where we focused on Michiru and Haruka for a bit at the beginning of a much shorter season than the original anime presented, I so miss the love story.  I miss the rose petals.  I miss the anguish of their duty.  I miss the overlying happiness than they found each other in all of this.  Haruka seemingly has a better relationship with Usagi than Michiru.

Master Pharaoh 90 seeped through the world super fast this season– all the inners attacks plus a Rainbow Double Moon Heartache from Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon couldn’t do anything to quell the spread of evil.  In fact, it seems he’s absorbing their power as he did with Mistress 9.  For some reason, Sailor Moon decides unleashing the power of the Moon Chalice and Millennium Silver Crystal inside of him will hurt him and not, as we’ve seen, give him more power to absorb.  Everyone is completely convinced she’s dead including Luna, Artemis, and Diana who literally only sit behind computer screens throughout this season.  I miss when the cats did things!

Sailor Saturn rises and is about to bring down her silence glaive.  We are left with this moment, and one episode to wrap it all up.  Thoughts?!

One comment

  1. I’ve kind of enjoyed the quicker pace for this arc. I felt that the original series dragged out a lot of things where this one feels like it is just kind of getting to the point and focussing on the important moments (even though this means that a lot of the characters have significantly less purpose). Really enjoying Crystal this season.

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