Blue Apron: Week 2


This is our second week trying out Blue Apron.  For our first, click here.

We were too late to pick these meals, with it being our second week and not quite knowing what to expect still.  However, I would’ve picked the Peruvian Roast Chicken & Potatoes in a heartbeat, and we were both pretty excited to try the fish dish… if not concerned about creating the fish cake… and the arepas themselves.  We’re working on our confidence in the kitchen.

Peruvian Chicken & Potatoes: This was the best chicken either of us have every made.  It was so juicy!  The spice rub and the sauce were both delicious.  I was really, really impressed with this one, and impressed with us for making such amazing chicken!  We were a little disappointed that the veggies were the same as with the salmon, but who doesn’t want potatoes?

Maryland Style Cod Cake Sandwich: We had high hopes for the one.  The fish smelled delicious while we were cooking it!  We went full steam ahead by the recipe only to realize the seasoning for the cod cakes was… not what we wanted.  Cinnamon and nutmeg are not flavors that we were looking for with fish.  This is the first one we actually didn’t like.

Beef Arepas: After the cod cake fiasco, we were ready to go a little rogue.  Thankfully, the seasoning on the beef was delicious!  Our arepas came out fine, if not a little flower-shaped.  Sadly, the avocado provided was not quite ripe enough, therefore we really missed the creamy element to this dish.  We supplemented with a little sour cream.  The pickled onions were to die for, though!

Kind of a mixed review this time around.  This week, we actually picked our meals, so stay tuned for our final testing week!

Anyone with similar experiences?  Let me know!

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