Clone Club Catch-Up: Jesus Christ Superstar


If you’ve been reading my Orphan Black posts for a while, you know Alison is my girl.  While last season she was a TOTAL boss, this season has been so rough for her.  I honestly forget/don’t know how her world keeps on turning.  It does, and we find her in a church rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar with Sarah Stubbs last week.  With Donnie, her support system, in prison and threatened by a rough Neulutionist, she has an even harder job of keeping it together.  It’s nice to see Fe there, laughing in relief along with her once we know Donnie is safe.  It’s nice to know the allegiances between the sisters are as strong as ever.

See, Duko was threatening her to give up Sarah‘s location. Now, I believe in Alison… but I was nervous.  Thankfully the Clone Club was one step ahead.  Sarah, S, and Art trap Duko in the comic book shop and S puts an end to him, for her Ma.

MK is back in the mix.  She is thankful to Sarah for letting her back in.  She is also sick.

A new alliance is formed as well.  With Cosima off to collaborate with Susan Duncan on a new idea– Castor DNA fertilizing Leda egg in order to recreate the genetics of Kendall Malone– and Rachel on her feet again, these former enemies are uniting against Evie Cho.  I can’t WAIT to see Sarah and Rachel work together!  Guys, Rachel is finally joining the Clone Club!

Yo, but what’s up with Rachel’s swan visions?  It’s a very obvious tie to the Leda myth, but what does it mean for the Clone Club?  Thoughts?!

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