Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 9


Yesterday’s Sailor Moon Crystal was not much of a plot advancer, but we did get a few tidbits.

We see Hotaru’s strength to reach past Mistress 9’s control and call out to Chibiusa.  Thanks to Hotaru, Mistress 9 is not able to use the full power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and Chibiusa’s soulless body feels a little warmer.

We get a whole lot of backstory for Hotaru’s father– this episode was mostly backstory about Pharaoh 90’s alien invasion.  Things I maybe didn’t know:

  • Kaorinite was an innocent in this until Pharaoh 90 made her a vessel
  • Hotaru’s father is not innocent in this– he chose to implant the egg of Mistress 9 in his daughter and he was doing crude science on her broken body before the aliens ever invaded

We see Hotaru’s father transform into a crazy daimon-hybrid– somehow he must rip his lab coat off to reveal jagged teeth– and he attacks the group of Sailor senshi in the basement– Moon, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto.  Meanwhile Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus upstairs get blown away.  Super Sailor Moon’s power up fades and she becomes Sailor Moon again.  I thought we might get some Sailor Saturn action when Pluto activated her garnet orb, but alas, not yet.


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