Sun & Moon Reveal Reactions

Yesterday, we got a slew on new information on Pokémon Sun & Moon, including a more in-depth look at the Alola region.

Alola consists of four islands, which is not that many, but they’re seemingly big enough to have multiple locations on each.

We meet our hero, that we learn we can customize a bit, and our friends Hau & Lillie, the latter of which I already love because she’s a.) so cute! and b.) tagged “mysterious.”  We meet Professor Kukui, who studies pokémon moves and doesn’t feel the need to wear a shirt.

Then we met our legendary pokémon by name:

Solgaleo— hey, I love this pokémon’s name but I know everyone is super mad about the sun pokémon not being Fire type.  Solgaleo is Physic/Steel which actually makes him weak to fire.  While I might argue that Fire-typing this sun lion would be too obvious and make him, basically, Pyroar, the question does surface… then why did he have to be a lion?  Anyway.

Lunala— I’m choosing to play Moon primarily, so this bat is my goal.  Lunala is Psychic/Ghost type.  It looks like it should maybe be dark type, but it’s super weak to dark type oops.  It’s not quite as majestic as its counterpart version mascot, but hopefully it’ll be sick.

So, why is there a Rotom in my pokédex?  I’m not sure about this feature.

The whole QR codes thing sounds GREAT.  With well over 700 pokémon, catching them all is quite the task.  If you could share the quest with a friend, that would help a lot!  Even if they just add as “seen” to your ‘dex, it could be a great help.  Professor Kukui says that Alola is full of rare pokémon– this to me means new gen 7 ‘mons!

Okay, questions for you, friends:

  • Are you playing Sun or Moon?
  • What do you think of the legendary typing?
  • How do you feel about Rotom in your pokédex?

Go, go, go in those comments!


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