Clone Club Catch-Up: Not the Way


What was Dizzy’s deal in this episode, anyway?

To be perfectly honest, last week’s episode of Orphan Black was not my favorite.  It was a sort of transitional episode where the Clone Club sort of copes with failure.  Sarah and Cosima are both desperate.

Sarah goes on a major bender, loses control entirely, and nearly follows a vision of Beth right over a bridge.  Cosima doesn’t have as outlandish a reaction, but somehow just as extreme.  She and Scott have nothing to go on research wise.  What they do have is the bot removed from Sarah’s cheek.  Cosima is ready to implant it in herself, feeling her time is almost done.

It’s Fe who comes to the rescue for both of them.  He’s convinced that Sarah is not the person who runs away anymore.  S and Kira may not have believed that, but Fe convinces Sarah of it and she comes home.  Likewise, it’s Fe who calls Cosima just in time to let her know that Krystal saw Delphine alive and there could be hope.

Of course, there’s another clone having a tough time in this episode– our dear Alison.  Donnie is doing his best to help her.  The ending scene is intense, as Donnie, forever a good guy, gets arrested right in the middle of Gemma’s birthday party.  Oh dear, Hendricks family…

Looking forward to some better news tonight!  Thoughts?!

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