Month: June 2016

June ‘Grams


Why yes, I am itching for my mini Fourth of July vacation.  I’m off tomorrow, so let’s say goodbye to June.

Highlights include: my first 5K attempt, celebrating Matt’s birthday, the first beach trip of the season, Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios, adventuring around JP & the Arnold Arboretum, and a lot of cooking together [here, here, and here].

I’ve got a couple of trips planned for July, but stay tuned.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity 12


For all my complaining last week, I ended up loving the Sailor Moon Crystal season wrap-up.  I still think the cats were under-utilized, but hey, what are you going to do?

The battle was really over.  It took a jolt to Sailor Moon to awaken the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal and drive Pharaoh 90 away.  With that, Sailor Saturn did not have to swing down her Silence Glaive and destroy the world.  She was able to sacrifice herself to finish the job and, with a little help from Sailor Pluto, seal him and the Tau Star System away for good.

I don’t know how I had forgotten about baby Hotaru until Sailor Saturn started talking about rebirth.  So sweet.  Michiru picks her up and decides she, Haruka, and Setsuna will all parent this girl who is getting a second chance at life.

I think we ended on a good note– sort of bittersweet, but leading right into the next season.  Thoughts?!

Blue Apron: Week 3


On third (and final trial) week of Blue Apron, we picked what we would get.  You only get to pick from a group of 6 options, and they blank out some as you pick, as only some combinations are available.  We tried:

Spicy Hoisin Turkey Meatballs – I’ll tell you, this little Italian had so much fun making meatballs.  Boyfriend wasn’t sure about the combination of meatballs and rice, but I think the flavor profile lent itself to rice just fine.

Black Garlic Shoyu Ramen – This one took a bit of time to make, but it smelled amazing to develop the black garlic flavor in the broth.  The soft boiled eggs, my favorite part of any ramen, were paired with a delicious sea salt.  We’ve already repeated these eggs with the remaining salt.

Seared Steak & Spiced Potatoes – This is pretty much goals when I want a home-cooked meal.  We haven’t had great luck with cooking our potatoes, mainly because a “medium dice” comes out different every time we do it.  We did manage to cook the steak to our liking, and the combination was perfect– I was super happy to have snap peas alongside.

Since we’re away a lot in July, we’re putting our meals on hold to maybe try a few more in August.  I do have three free meals to give away, so leave me a comment with your email address if you’d like an invite!

OITNB Season 4


I finished Orange is the New Black’s fourth season right in time for bed on Saturday, June 18th.  It had been up for roughly 34 hours at the time.  I felt sad.  I usually feel sad when I finish a new season of OITNB, because it’s a long, long wait on a cliffhanger ending.  This was different.

I’ve been gathering my thoughts throughout the week.  I’ve been reading around, too, and with a little Googling, you’ll see a lot of “darkest season ever,” and “deeply upsetting,” in the headlines.  Well, I agree, but I’m not going to talk about that.

This show does its job really well, though– it’s a story about people.  People are deeply complicated and the abundance of moral ambiguity in this show makes it all too real.  OITNB’s fourth season left me crying on my couch.  To me, this is art.  It made me experience so much emotion, and thus, it succeeded.

Various thoughts under the cut, none so heavy as the paragraphs above, but full of SPOILERS:


Clone Club Season 4 Wrap-Up


I only saw this poster like 2 weeks ago, and I really love it.


As expected, Orphan Black’s finale left us with more questions than answers.  So, what have we learned?

  • Evie Cho was replaceable.
  • Neulution’s founder, Percival Westmoreland, is still alive and kickin’, albeit very old.  He apparently has some sort of “Others” in Lost-esque camp on the Isle of Doctor Moreau and that’s where Delphine is.
  • Rachel is a cut-throat bitch after all.  I so wanted her to join the Clone Club, but even Susan Duncan is all set with her.  How about Susan stitching herself up?
  • Cosima finds the cure, and finds her way into the arms of Delphine once again!
  • Krystal is not buying the clone thing, due to the fact that she believes Sarah looks nothing like her.

I was pretty sad that Alison wasn’t in the episode at all, save for the “extended scene” playing during BBC America’s airing.  I’m dying to know what the deal with Rachel’s eye was– obviously, it’s a message from Westmoreland, but what does he want?  That really is the question, isn’t it?  I’m guessing we’ll learn a lot more about him in season 5, which is sadly the final season.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 11


Let’s start by saying that I am psyched to see Sailor Saturn (finally!) in this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal.  Unfortunately, that means it’s the end of the season of my favorite arc… in the original anime, anyway, and I’m not feeling the same warm & fuzzies.

Where we focused on Michiru and Haruka for a bit at the beginning of a much shorter season than the original anime presented, I so miss the love story.  I miss the rose petals.  I miss the anguish of their duty.  I miss the overlying happiness than they found each other in all of this.  Haruka seemingly has a better relationship with Usagi than Michiru.

Master Pharaoh 90 seeped through the world super fast this season– all the inners attacks plus a Rainbow Double Moon Heartache from Super Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Chibi Moon couldn’t do anything to quell the spread of evil.  In fact, it seems he’s absorbing their power as he did with Mistress 9.  For some reason, Sailor Moon decides unleashing the power of the Moon Chalice and Millennium Silver Crystal inside of him will hurt him and not, as we’ve seen, give him more power to absorb.  Everyone is completely convinced she’s dead including Luna, Artemis, and Diana who literally only sit behind computer screens throughout this season.  I miss when the cats did things!

Sailor Saturn rises and is about to bring down her silence glaive.  We are left with this moment, and one episode to wrap it all up.  Thoughts?!

Blue Apron: Week 2


This is our second week trying out Blue Apron.  For our first, click here.

We were too late to pick these meals, with it being our second week and not quite knowing what to expect still.  However, I would’ve picked the Peruvian Roast Chicken & Potatoes in a heartbeat, and we were both pretty excited to try the fish dish… if not concerned about creating the fish cake… and the arepas themselves.  We’re working on our confidence in the kitchen.

Peruvian Chicken & Potatoes: This was the best chicken either of us have every made.  It was so juicy!  The spice rub and the sauce were both delicious.  I was really, really impressed with this one, and impressed with us for making such amazing chicken!  We were a little disappointed that the veggies were the same as with the salmon, but who doesn’t want potatoes?

Maryland Style Cod Cake Sandwich: We had high hopes for the one.  The fish smelled delicious while we were cooking it!  We went full steam ahead by the recipe only to realize the seasoning for the cod cakes was… not what we wanted.  Cinnamon and nutmeg are not flavors that we were looking for with fish.  This is the first one we actually didn’t like.

Beef Arepas: After the cod cake fiasco, we were ready to go a little rogue.  Thankfully, the seasoning on the beef was delicious!  Our arepas came out fine, if not a little flower-shaped.  Sadly, the avocado provided was not quite ripe enough, therefore we really missed the creamy element to this dish.  We supplemented with a little sour cream.  The pickled onions were to die for, though!

Kind of a mixed review this time around.  This week, we actually picked our meals, so stay tuned for our final testing week!

Anyone with similar experiences?  Let me know!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Helena’s Hunt


Ugh, we’re quickly approaching the end, aren’t we?  Well, before tonight’s finale, let’s go clone by clone:

Sarah has teamed up with Art to investigate BrightBorn.  Two women manage to escape BrightBorn and Sarah and Art want to intercept them to bring the organization down.

Rachel is actually kind of the hero of the episode.  Though she maybe doesn’t exactly play nice with Sarah, she is able to take the incriminating video of Evie Cho and effectively shut down BrightBorn’s gene therapy plan.

Helena has hilariously built herself a hut in the woods and is hunting.  She speaks with Sarah and realizes her sisters need her.  She drops in on Fe and completely freaks out Adele who isn’t buying that Sarah, Alison, and Helena and triplets… from different regions.

Alison might have her husband out on bail, but things aren’t exactly easier for her.  That creepy BrightBorn cheek-implanter man comes calling for her, but Helena is there with her signature assassin music to take him down!  Sistras reunited!

Cosima is on the isle of Doctor Moreau researching with Susan Duncan, reading up on neolution, and hanging out with Charlotte.  Speaking of reunited, HEY WAS THE DELPHINE?

Looks like we’re getting more Krystal tonight, and hopefully some more answers!  But this is Orphan Black… something tells me we’ll only get more questions.  Thoughts?!