Clone Club Catch-Up: Human Raw Material


Let’s focus on what’s important here… Krystal’s back!

Last week’s Orphan Black had not one, but two clones go undercover to investigate BrightBorn.  That makes it a little tricky, doesn’t it?  Though Alison was originally planned to investigate along with her husband, Cosima volunteers to accompany Donnie.  She has to hide her face from visiting Evie Cho, who we know would know what a Leda clone looks like.  When Krystal comes to investigate on her own, that adds another layer of complication.  Krystal isn’t aware she is a clone… yet.  Our scientist Cosima takes it upon herself to get into an emergency delivery room and witnesses the horrifying birth of a deformed baby.  She also comes face to face with Susan Duncan who temps her with the prospect of joining her in Project Leda.  We know Professor Duncan is obsessed with her work– while she’s been between daughter and science experiment with Rachel, it’s clear she landed on science experiment.  Ira, on the other hand… ew, that’s a mess.

Sarah finally spent some time with Kira this episode, but not without doing a little investigating of her own.  The target of Sarah’s investigation is Adele, Fe’s sister.  She sees that the company Fe and Adele used to find each other is actually associated with BrightBorn, which is, admittedly, sketchy.  Sarah had Scott run their DNA and confirm that they are indeed brother and sister.  S gives her a “welcome to the family.”  Adele also teaches Kira some ballet, which is cute.

Speaking of Kira, we finally are recognizing that she’s a little paranormal.  She tells her mom about her dreams, and Sarah knows they are not just dreams.  Hopefully more on creepy Kira soon!


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