Clone Club Catch-Up: Helsinki


In last week’s episode of Orphan Black, things got crazy when MK lives out her revenge fantasy with Ferdinand Chevalier.  I don’t think Ferdinand is a good guy by any standards, but Sarah needs him.  Looks like MK was willing-ish to let him live, after steadling 3.7 million from him.

Sarah was able to intervene through the help of Dizzy.  The revelation that they’re clones sort of loses its effect now that we’ve heard it so many times.  Dizzy seems pretty accepting too; seems like he’s sticking around for a while.  I guess what’s interesting to me here is Sarah’s answer to how many are there: 22 that they know of, 9 of which are alive.  There certainly were a lot of these LEDA clones.

From this little hostage situation, we learn what Helsinki was– a clone purge that killed 6 LEDAs including Niki, MK’s friend.  MK, or Vera as she was once known, got away with burn scars and major emotional damage.  Sarah couldn’t talk her out of her plan to blow up Ferdinand in Beth’s home.  Will we see Mika again?

Speaking of, where is Helena going?  She buries her science babies in the Hendrix family’s garden and sets out.  She needs guidance, so hopefully she’s off to find Sarah.  I know things must be really hard for Alison.  With Helena’s pregnant presence gone, it may help.  Then there’s the fertility clinic– all of which was hilarious!  I loved Fe & Donnie investigating as a couple.  I LOVED Alison’s Alitalia.  Evie Cho’s Brightborn technology is super interesting too.

Which brings us to the point: that thing in Sarah’s face is probably changing her DNA.  When you’re trying to help a bunch of her clones, maybe it would be a good idea to get this thing out of her face?  Poor Charlotte is the youngest “subject” to exhibit signs of sickness.  Rachel clearly wants to help her, but stays steely and science-y in the face of her mother.  Sadly, Susan Duncan knows Rachel got a message out to Ferdinand.  Things are about to get worse for Rachel.


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