Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 5


I happen to think this was an amazing episode of Sailor Moon Crystal!  We’ve got the whole cast of characters in play here– and all but Sailor Saturn awakened!

Usagi still is troubled by Haruka and Michiru aka Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune not fighting alongside the inner senshi.  This is one of the reasons why I love Usagi– to her, it’s simple: they are our allies and we should fight together.  Haruka and Michiru have their reasons, but it seems Haruka is struggling with them.  When the senshi are in trouble, even Michiru is quick to recognize their allies are in trouble.  Perhaps a union is not far off.

Sailor Chibi Moon had a wonderful episode.  She is finally given power for a Pink Sugar Heart Attack!  I love that move.  Too bad it, along with all of the inner senshi’s attacks, did nothing to stop the Little Shop of Horrors-esque Tellu.

What did stop Tellu?  DEAD SCREAM.  That’s right, Sailor Pluto!  So happy to see her.  It’s been nice to see Setsuna instead of Sailor Pluto.  This week, Chibiusa noticed Setsuna in passing.  Since Chibiusa and Pluto are close in the future, this must be odd– a newly awakened Sailor Pluto and Setsuna probably don’t know the little princess.

We got satisfyingly abbreviated transformation sequences from everyone who is currently a sailor senshi.  We got a lot of attacks that need upgrading, so that means more soon!  I missed Deep Submerge & World Shaking, but can I just say again how much I loved that Dead Scream?!


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