Clone Club Catch-Up: Dig, Dig, Dig


The highlight of last week’s Orphan Black, if you ask me, was the Hendrix family excavation adventure.  Alison has always been my favorite, but she & Donnie last season were just too hilarious!  The merry man slaughterers dig up Dr. Leekie in the name of science!  They confess their crime to Cosima to help her help Sarah.

Helena, meanwhile, plays hostess to cops about the murder of “several Portuguese.”  Helena pretending to be anyone is always hilarious.  She’s trying, and that’s sweet.

Fe has found his sister Adele, and she seems like a real mess, but also well-meaning.

Sarah‘s dental investigations lead her to be mistaken for Beth and nearly die in the process.  The real wonder in this episode is Kira, whose premonitions are getting to the point where we can’t ignore them… what is wrong with this girl?  She tells Cosima that she say “all the aunties” set Sarah on fire because they had to.  Bleak!

We also spend quite a bit of time with Rachel and Charlotte.  Rachel is working on regaining movement and bonding with Charlotte, who is working on courses online.  The female Professor Duncan, Rachel’s mother, is callous as can be– she’s clearly always regarded Rachel as an experiment and feels that Rachel herself should feel that way.  Rachel’s bond with Charlotte has helped, though– she’s used her to get a message out to someone.

Can’t wait to see more tonight!  Thoughts?!

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