Month: May 2016

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 8


This week’s Sailor Moon Crystal started with the sudden announcement that Chibiusa is, in fact, currently dead.  People don’t really seem as concerned as they should be, because duh, they simply need to restore her soul to her body.  Said soul was ripped out by Mistress 9, who swallows the Legendary Silver Crystal by the time the episode is done.  Mamoru uses himself as life support for Chibiusa’s body, which they have no problem stealing from whatever hospital she resided in.  While that happens, the outer senshi decide that killing Hotaru is for sure the only way to help Chibiusa.

Mistress 9 makes it clear that Kaorinite must take care of the sailor senshi, so Kaorinite revives the Witches 5, ’cause that worked so well last time.  The Witches 5 separate the inners and trap them in their dreams.  Sailor Moon sees through the ploy and the outer senshi see that the inners are in trouble.  Finally, finally, finally we see them all fight together.


Everyone lends Sailor Moon their power and she becomes Super Sailor Moon again.  This was a fantastic moment, and a great episode!

I’m looking forward to Sailor Saturn awakening… soon!  Thoughts?!

Clone Club Catch-Up: Competing Technology


Last week’s Orphan Black was pretty crazy.  We only focused on Sarah, Cosima, Beth, and Krystal this time around.  Krystal plays comic relief with Fe and Art– “she thinks Vidal Sassoon’s after her!”

Cosima has to admit it– she’s running out of time.  She and Scott have come so close, and she reminisces on her work … work she couldn’t have done without Delphine.  Scott really shined this episode, if you ask me.  He’s always been sweet, but “we would’ve cracked it,” delivered with a smile really did me in.

Sarah, in order to save Cosima, makes the decision to give Kendall’s DNA to Susan Duncan in exchange for getting the bot out of her face.  The catch?  Ducan only gets Leda, not Castor.  Susan arrives at Fe’s to witness the extraction while Sarah and Cosima go to BrightBorn for a different extraction.  There’s a little drama as the bot ruptures while Evie is removing it, but all goes well.  Sarah returns to Fe’s bot-free.  Cosima remains at BrightBorn to hand over the research, but wanting to know what happened to Delphine.  That’s where things go wrong.  Kendall is kidnapped, Sarah destroys her DNA sample, and Cosima is detained.

Evie Cho is pulling the strings.  Susan’s obsession with her clones overshadowed the technology BrightBorn boasts, so Evie’s getting rid of the original.  Kendall burns up in a blaze, and adding insult to injury, Evie tells her Delphine was shot dead.  Beth was once under Evie’s influence too– she tried to kill Susan, before she learned Susan created her.

BrightBorn wipes Cosima and Scott’s research with a bug from their hard drive on which they collected it.  With no original and no research, what is the Clone Club to do?

I can’t WAIT to find out tonight.  Thoughts?!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 7


“Transformation” was a very satisfying Act for me.  What I love about Sailor Moon the anime & Sailor Moon the character is embodied in the speech she makes to stop the inners & outers from fighting.  We have the same goal, she pleads, so we’re all friends.  The power of love might be cliché, but I still thing it’s not most real thing the world has to offer.

We learn the mission of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto– their talismans, the Space Sword, Aqua Mirror, and Garnet Orb, resonate to awaken Sailor Saturn, who will bring about the end of the world.  Their talismans also resonate to give Sailor Moon the power to become Super Sailor Moon.  This is why they tell her their mission.  Super Sailor Moon is way powered-up with a new attack and Moon Crisis Make-Up!  The group seems to have taken to calling her Super Sailor Moon, though, and I find that a bit excessive…

Back to Sailor Saturn– she is revealed to be Hotaru.  Hotaru’s weak body will only heal if she is awakened as Sailor Saturn, but a swing of her Silence Glaive will bring abou the end of the world.  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have decided to kill her.  Sailor Moon is having none of this.  Chibiusa makes it her mission to save her friend, but when she gets there, Hotaru is not herself.

We see Hotaru struggle with what seems to be dissociative identity disorder earlier in the episode, but by the time Chibi Moon & the Senshi reach her, she is someone totally different.  She has grown tall and has long hair and serves Pharaoh 90 now.  She is Mistress 9, but you might now know that yet!  So hang in there, guys.


Clone Club Catch-Up: Human Raw Material


Let’s focus on what’s important here… Krystal’s back!

Last week’s Orphan Black had not one, but two clones go undercover to investigate BrightBorn.  That makes it a little tricky, doesn’t it?  Though Alison was originally planned to investigate along with her husband, Cosima volunteers to accompany Donnie.  She has to hide her face from visiting Evie Cho, who we know would know what a Leda clone looks like.  When Krystal comes to investigate on her own, that adds another layer of complication.  Krystal isn’t aware she is a clone… yet.  Our scientist Cosima takes it upon herself to get into an emergency delivery room and witnesses the horrifying birth of a deformed baby.  She also comes face to face with Susan Duncan who temps her with the prospect of joining her in Project Leda.  We know Professor Duncan is obsessed with her work– while she’s been between daughter and science experiment with Rachel, it’s clear she landed on science experiment.  Ira, on the other hand… ew, that’s a mess.

Sarah finally spent some time with Kira this episode, but not without doing a little investigating of her own.  The target of Sarah’s investigation is Adele, Fe’s sister.  She sees that the company Fe and Adele used to find each other is actually associated with BrightBorn, which is, admittedly, sketchy.  Sarah had Scott run their DNA and confirm that they are indeed brother and sister.  S gives her a “welcome to the family.”  Adele also teaches Kira some ballet, which is cute.

Speaking of Kira, we finally are recognizing that she’s a little paranormal.  She tells her mom about her dreams, and Sarah knows they are not just dreams.  Hopefully more on creepy Kira soon!


Tria’s Best Skin

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.36.58 PM

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Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 6


The inner and outers senshi finally ally– kind of.  When Pluto’s Dead Scream stops the enemy attack, Neptune and Uranus show up.  Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity before their eyes, and the three outer senshi bow down before her.  It’s not that they’re ready to join the inners, but at least we know they’re all on the same team.

Side note: I was totally wrong about Pluto.  She still remembers her Small Lady, reborn and everything.

Speaking of Chibiusa, she goes to hang out with her friend Hotaru only to discover the secret of Hotaru’s science-ified body.  She runs away in fear, but immediately regrets it, knowing she’s hurt her friend.  Hotaru’s father is revealed to be the bad guy, if you couldn’t tell already.

Kaorinite calls on Cyprine to do what the other Witches 5 could not.  When hit by a Moon Spiral Heat Attack, she splits into herself and Ptiol.  Prepare for trouble; make it double.

We know that the outer senshi have greater power than the inner, and it’s definitely time for some upgrades.  While all the senshi are brainwashed, Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask remain.  Sailor Moon asks them to lend her their power, and the holy grail appears.  It’s time for something major!