Month: April 2016

Banana Bread + Sweet Peach Palette

Mostly I did two things last weekend– made Smitten Kitchen’s double chocolate banana bread recipe & purchased/tried out Too Faced’s limited edition Sweet Peach Palette.  I was super happy with both.  There was also running shoe-buying and Pokémon shirt-wearing.  Check it out!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 28


I’m still loving this new incarnation of Crystal much more than the previous seasons, but I was reminded how much I miss Moon Pride.  While the opening theme is quite lovely, it doesn’t pump you up like Moon Pride did.  Am I also sensing less vivid colors during the transformation sequences?  I might be crazy.

I do love this arc, and thus am loving getting to know our new characters– an oddly masked & caped Sailor Uranus, a beautiful violin playing Michiru (whose eyelashes look way less weird this episode), and a hyperventilating-then-magical-healing Hotaru.  We also meet some fancy color-coded new villains too– the Witches 5!  We finally see Kaorinite too.

One qualm: I was seriously so excited for a cat-villain.  In my beloved original anime, I would’ve watched this cat turn into a feline monster.  Instead, we get the same generic ghost that makes Sailor Moon exclaim, “an atavism!”  What?

Anyway, we peep Neptune and Uranus for the first time and I am excited to see the inner senshi meet the outer.  I also enjoyed Chibiusa announcing her secret identity to a girl whose name she hadn’t bothered to ask.  This is going to be a fun one.


Girls: Homeward Bound


Last night’s episode felt so unfinished.  There was so much more I wanted to see here.  For the first time maybe all season, we witnessed progress on all four girls’ storylines.

Hannah and Fran finally broke up.  I was a little bit annoyed with Hannah for not being mature and literally running away from him.  She couldn’t just break up with him like a normal person.  Fran was pretty immature himself when he finally accepted it– although, I’m not entirely sure why Fran wanted to be in this relationship.  Anyway, Hannah makes SO MANY bad decisions in this episode– the blow job, the hitchhiking… I think things mostly worked out okay, but COME ON, Hannah.

Shoshanna returns from Japan and is not happy about it.  She runs into her ex-boyfriend, whose name I never bothered to learn.  She’s basically starting over from square one.

Marnie and Desi are not getting along.  Desi has a new girlfriend who dictates to Marnie how this musical relationship is going to go– Marnie only exists, as far as Desi is concerned, when they are making music.  Marnie is, understandably, furious.  Disaster approaching.

Finally, Jessa helps Adam take care of Caroline’s baby.  Jessa comes clean to Hannah that she and Adam are together, and tries to rationalize it to herself that she and Adam aren’t doing anything wrong.  I think they are, and I think she thinks they are.  Adam definitely thinks differently of Jessa by the end of the episode and says, “Why do you need more help than a baby?”  Things are getting rocky here.

The season is almost over, and it’s kind of been a weird one!  How are you all feeling about it?

#Pokémon20 Update


image via bulbapedia

If you’ve been watching my vlogs (and there are a LOT of new ones up for you!), you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been extra obsessed with pokémon lately.  All of this 20th anniversary stuff has gotten me absolutely psyched.  My pokémon card collection is growing for the first time in years, and my interest to fill up my pokédex has been renewed.

The monthly mythical distribution, though bearing no effect on my ‘dex, are what initially hooked me on the 20th anniversary celebration.  Largely, I missed out on a lot of these Pokémon, save for Celebi, Jirachi, Keldeo, and Diancie.  I’ve gotten my first legit Mew and added a new Celebi and a new Jirachi to my PC boxes.  I’ve got my calendar marked for Darkrai!

Apparently, the mythical distributions are not celebratory enough.  I hope you have gotten your legendary golems from Pokémon Bank!  If not, simply log into Pokémon Bank and get yourself a Regirock, Registeel, and Regice.  This week, a Legendary Bird distribution was announced!  You just need to sign up for the Pokémon newsletter (which, I already am!) to get codes for these, the first ever legendary Pokémon, with their hidden abilities.

Happy hunting, trainers!  And happy weekend!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27


I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t realize Sailor Moon Crystal was starting up again.  Thankfully, Twitter came through for me yesterday morning, and starting season 3 was the first thing I did when I got home from work.

There was very little division between seasons 1 and 2, and the break has absolutely helped this show.  I sort of disparaged Sailor Moon Crystal in comparison to my beloved Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.  Season 3 seems to fix everything I hated about the previous seasons.  The what I refer to as “noodle-y” look to the characters, especially evident in the transformation sequences, has been mitigated.  The characters feel more like themselves– I love Usagi waking up late and panicking; this is a given for Sailor Moon.  This is my favorite arc now, so I think I’m going to like a lot of things!

What maybe didn’t work for me is that I don’t love the way my favorite character looks.  I’m a biiiig fan of Michiru, but her eyelashes were weird so I felt like she just wasn’t herself.  I’m going to have to ease into the Michiru and Haruka of this universe– the helicopters threw me off!  Also, I’m confused about the pronoun used for Haruka.  I watched on Hulu and Haruka was consistently referred to as “he.”  Is this a preference thing, a poor translation, or does everyone just assume she’s a guy?


I guess we haven’t quite met Hotaru yet.  I’m so excited for this season– this anime is already  so much better AND we’re dealing with my favorite arc.

What did you guys think?!

Girls: Hello Kitty


In a way, I feel like this episode should have happened long ago… not in storyline, but truly in theme.  Jessa and Adam.  Hannah knows.  This is that moment we watch this show for.  We’ve been there.  But let’s back up.

The episode starts out in typical Hannah fashion with inappropriate behavior– in order to stop Principal Toby from yelling at her, Hannah flashes him full bush.  Fran is furious, and rightly so.  You have to agree that a.) this is not appropriate adult behavior and b.) no boyfriend is going to be happy to hear this news.  But also, Fran is pretty awful in this episode.  He is the most combative we’ve seen him, and he and Hannah alternatively argue and ignore each other throughout the episode.  Until this episode, I thought I knew Fran was on the outs.  I’m thinking differently today.

Marnie scared me for a moment, because I thought she was going to be typical Marnie again.  Taking Ray’s hands, she tells him she left Desi and she wants to know what he thinks about it.  In that action, I saw her already making a bad (read: selfish) decision, but then she admits that she needs to be alone.  This infuriates Ray, who walks off to save from making his own bad decision, but is truly what Marnie needs.  Of course, Desi is not out of the picture yet!  If they’re to make this work “as a band,” something tells me it won’t end there.

Let’s talk about the moment at the play (which I think it super interesting, by the way) where Hannah makes the connection.  She looks from Jessa to Adam and back and we see the wheels turning in her head.  Even from across the expanse of the street below, she can sense the connection between them that wasn’t there before.  It’s a painful realization, and although technically unfounded at the moment, it’s enough for Hannah.  Seeing them walk away together all but solidifies it.  Tears well in Hannah’s eyes, but Fran doesn’t notice.  Hannah clings to Fran, because he’s who she has.

I was thinking about this last night– Hannah and Adam never had a clean break of an ending.  I am furious with Jessa, despite never being a fan of Hannah and Adam.  That moment from the window to the balcony made this episode worth it for me.


Miss ya, March


If the infrequency with which I’ve posted this month isn’t a clue, I’ll tell you now: March was awesome!  Usually, this is a tough, long, cold month.  Instead, it was awesome.

[1] We made cinnamon bun waffles. [2] But mostly Matt just cooked for me. [3] I dyed my hair PURPLE. [4] My best friend became a certified Body Pump instructor. [5] We went to Myers & Chang on a special date night. [6] We went to CHICAGO. [7] Where we ate the best meal ever at Girl & the Goat. [8] And the best breakfasts ever at The Bongo Room. [9] And saw some beautiful places, like Garfield Park Conservatory!

Many more Chicago pictures to come, and hopefully just as much awesome in April!  Follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to this month!