April, Over & Out!

I’m going to do something a little different with my monthly insta-recaps.  Instead of speaking to each photo, as I typically do, I’m instead just going to note my highlights of the month!  Yes, they usually correspond with the photos, but not all the time!


April was a busy month socially– every weekend seemed to be booked!  I’ve been to so many dinners and brunches with friends & family.  Tonight I’ve got dinner plans and tomorrow, brunch!

This month held another Les Mills Launch!  I did Body Pump followed by Body Attack, and promptly fell asleep!  I’ve also integrated a lot more climbing into my life.  I’m making such progress, and I really love it.

I attended PAX East for the first time ever!  Coupled with a special restaurant event (a local place hosting a Japanese ramen place!) and the Japan Festival in the scorching sun, it was a fun, but tiring weekend!  …and a LOT of waiting in lines.

We cooked a lot and we ate a lot.  This weekend, we’re off to pasta making class!

May is already shaping up to be busy too… but hopefully, just as fun!  I’m looking forward to some warmer weather.  How was everyone’s April?  Any great plans for next month?

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