Sailor Moon Crystal: Infinity 3


In yesterday’s Sailor Moon, we finally got to officially meet Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus!  Their entrance was sufficiently lovely and conveniently right at the end of the episode, so we’ve yet to see how the senshi will react.

We explored talismans with (most of) the outer senshi.  Hotaru tells Chibiusa about her father and his spooky experiments and about her amulet, the brilliance of which is out-shined by Chibiusa’s Legendary Silver Crystal.  Chibiusa’s crystal takes away Hotaru’s pain, as the amulet did, but something tells me in a better way… aka not evil.  Chibiusa then catches a ride in a helicopter with strangers who say they know Usagi very well… seems safe.  Anyway, she enjoys her ride with Michiru and Haruka.  I’ve never seen Haruka in clothes like this before!  The amulet talk shifts to talismans and Michiru shows Chibiusa her mirror.

Speaking of Haruka and Michiru, Crystal’s Usagi already knows that these two are sailor senshi.  What a smart Sailor Moon we have here!


We finish with a very pleasingly color-coded group going to Michiru’s violin recital.  Sure, Mimete of the Witches 5 is there to shake things up.  One Moon Spiral Heart Attack is all it takes to get rid of three daimons, but Deep Submerge + World Shaking finish Mimete off.

Can’t wait to see more of the Outers in action!  Thoughts?!

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