Day: April 25, 2016

Clone Club Catch-Up: Secrets


Last week on Orphan Black, we got to see Sadler torch a house, Kira get sassy, and best of all– the whole Clone Club.

The whole Clone Club includes Fe, who’s holding a secret that only Alison knows– he’s looking for his birth family.  When he tells Sarah, she is as unsupportive as he figured she’d be.  Poor Fe.  He’s right: Sarah is related to her foster mother and, let’s face it, everyone else on the show.  It’s no wonder he’s feeling a lack of familiar bonds.

Alison is just being Alison– being the most kickass housewife the suburbs have ever seen.  She is not happy about Helena‘s prescence.  Helena learns that she is carrying twins!

Cosima is continuing her science with Scott from the basement of a comic book shop… awesome!

Art watches Beth‘s surveillance footage.  We now have a full picture of her final days.

Sarah is back to investigating.  She stops by the Neolution club, is mistaken for Beth, and finds out about the organic implant which destroys its host.  She then meets MK in a Laundromat, but MK continues to hide as Beth told her to.  While Sarah is left alone and Suds & Tumble, the paramedic couple comes in, checks her cheek, and Sarah realizes that she has something in her cheek that Dyad put there.

Crazy!  I’m much more oriented in this season how.  How’s everyone else feeling about Orphan Black?!